Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Children from Malmö Jewish Community Assaulted

During the weekend the Jewish community in Malmö held a seminar for children at their seminar facility in Höllviken (not far from Malmö). The weekend seminar was spoiled when an angry mob of some 10 youngsters decided to attack the seminar attendees—who were mostly children. The threatening gang was screaming hate slogans including “Heil Hitler”, “Jewi pigs” and “fucking Jews are spoiling Höllviken”. In addition to the anti-Semitic verbal abuse, the gang also trespassed into the privately-owned area in order to damage property.  
The local newspaper Sydsvenskan. reported that the attackers, who were youngsters of about 13-14, accompanied their screaming of anti-Semitic slogans with a number of physical assaults: throwing eggs at the building’s windows and walls, banging windows and throwing trashcans around,
Amongst the participants from the Malmö Jewish community were children from the ages of seven and up. The children were reportedly very frightened by the screaming and the commotion caused by the youngsters.
After the police was called to the spot on Saturday some of the youngsters were questioned and named in order to enable an investigation of the attack, according to statements made by local police chief Kenneth Abrahamson.
As noted in the Sydsvenskan article, the harassments had started Friday evening when some 10 youngsters were banging on the windows of the seminar building and throwing trashcans around. They had been able to trespass the private area by breaking a fence. When the police were alerted the youngsters had left the scene, only to return on Saturday night to continue their violent abuse.
According to chairman of the Malmö Jewish community, Fred Kahn, the majority of participants to the community’s weekend seminar were children.
The pattern of increasing violence against the Jewish community in Malmö hasn’t stopped—even though the growing threat has been acknowledged by the Swedish authorities. Attacks on children can be seen as a further escalation in the current threat against the Malmö Jewish community. 


  1. Who were these "10 youngsters"?

    Swedes or Muslim immigrants?

  2. The only thing that we now is that most of them came from Malmö

  3. I live in Malmö, and given the town and county where this happened I would definately say that th offenders are native Swedes. The area where we have our seminar facility is quite affluent, and the county has had problems with neonazis in the past.

  4. What amazes me is that the Swedish authorities have merely paid lip service to the growing strains of anti-Semitism in their country. It would appear, and this is not just my view that the view of many in the media in Europe, that the Swedish authorities and indeed the Swedish people think that their former reputation of being laissez-faire and liberal will carry them through this slight hiccupp.if history will be the judge, it will not. We are watching the Swedish people to see if they will react in any way whatsoever at what is happening to their own citizens. Here is a great example of how the actions of Israel, a Jewish state, become the supposed justification for real anti-Semitic activity. And before I am told " these are only young children doing the attacking!" let me ask everyone reading this to ask themselves this question: "how do 10 youngsters,brought up in the 1990s and onwards, have these racist and anti-Semitic feelings they wish to express? What are they teaching them in Swedish schools? Am I alone in thinking that the Swedish people are scared of offending their Muslim citizens, but really don't mind ignoring their Jewish ones, because Jews don't threatened them? I'd love to hear from Swedish people ...

  5. Any comment from the mayor yet?

  6. "What are they teaching them in Swedish schools?"

    are you seriously suggesting that swedish children are influenced to become nazis or intolerance in the schools?

    if this was native swedish children doing these horrible things i doubt the supposed fear for the muslim community has anything to do with the attack..