Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ove Svidén: Jews Behind 9/11 and the Holocaust.

A Center Party candidate for Parliament—Ove Svidén—has for years publically argued on his internet site that Jews are behind the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center in New York as well as the Holocaust.

Before Svidén’s controversial ideas were exposed to the wider public, he held the rank of number 26 on the Center Party’s Stockholm list for the upcoming fall elections. Before the elections in 2006 he was ranked number 8 on the same list. At that point he had already been running his anti-Semitic webpage for some years.
Now, as many have learned that Svidén spreads anti-Semitic propaganda on his webpage, he has been excluded from the list and the Swedish Center Party.

As noted on Svidén’s homepage, which he himself calls the “World Peace Foundation”, Jews are behind:

-The Estonia catastrophe (a  ferry that sunk in the Baltic Sea in1994. Also known as one of the deadliest maritime disasters of the late 20th century)  
-The murder of Sweden’s foreign minister Anna Lindh
-September 11 Terror attacks
-The Holocaust
-All wars during the last 200 years

At the same time, his website is full of pseudo-spiritualistic fantasies and jingoism such as:
“The determined investment in clean and sustainable ecosystems by Enlightened Spiritual leaders, make Sweden and Tibet [which he somehow neglects to mention is occupied, being built up, and heavily bludgeoned by the Chinese] into the showcases of the world.”

Also on the website, Svidén claims that Sweden should be emulated as it has been at peace for 200 years. He fails to mention that Sweden managed to sit out World War II by supplying quality steel to the Nazis, and continues to be a leading arms manufacturer. Svidén conveniently ignores, like Malmö’s mayor, the cars set on fire in the parking garages of Malmö.  Perhaps for Svidén they are simply happy campfires where Rosengård’s ethnics gather to sing peaceful songs and toast marshmallows.

In an interview with the Swedish national TV “Sveriges Television” Svidén wildly claims that:
- "As a Swede it is hard to understand the Jewish belief in sacrifice in order to gain something.” He says this as he is convinced that the Holocaust was a voluntary sacrifice made by the Jewish people with the express purpose of the creation of the state of Israel. Svidén continues:
-“Who won the Second World War? The Jews! They got a state! A small fraction of people got a land, this is not a coincidence…”
In the same vein, the attacks on the World Trade towers also, according to Svidén, were due to David Rockefeller, the Jews and their beliefs in sacrifice as a means to an end.

With what can now be seen as unsurprising oddity and anti-Semitism, according to Svidén the world is ruled by thirteen (Jewish) families. Allegedly, these corrupt families are responsible for all the wars during the last 200 years. The families are further ruled and are victims of, their own drug experiments. They are also degenerated by inbreeding which they do in order to maintain their assets.

According to Willy Silberstein , chairman of the Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism, (Svenska kommittén mot anti-Semitism) this is a case of a classic anti-Semitic claims.
Svidén himself rejects the claims that he is anti-Semitic or that claims of “the Jewish sacrifices” also fall into this definition.

While Svidén currently has been expelled from the Swedish Center Party due to his anti-Semitic views there are still other high-ranked Swedish politicians who are allowed to stay in power while holding similar conspiracy opinions. One of them is the Social Democratic mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu. Earlier this year Reepalu stated, after a series of rather anti-Semitic statements that there was an “Israeli lobby” out to get him.

Perhaps Mayor Reepalu shares the rest of Svidén’s paranoid anti-Semitic fantasies too—in which there is a world conspiracy where Jews control the media and the banks and are responsible for all the wars in the world.  Or perhaps he is just following a Svidén motto “Being is honoured more than Acting for materialistic growth”?   Maybe by not acting and letting materialistic cars burn, he’ll get a big peace prize for just “being” Reepalu?

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