Monday, May 3, 2010

Swedish Media Censored Danish “Halal Murder”

It is no secret that Sweden often chooses to not deal with certain topics in the media, despite the Swedish state’s claims to upholding freedom of the press. One particularly sensitive topic is radical Islamism. A few days ago we pointed out that even the “bleeped” version of South Park was too scary for Swedish television. Today we’ll give you a prime example of how Sweden once again, clearly afraid of upsetting the growing Muslim population in the country, chooses not to cover an important news item from neighbouring Denmark.

As reported in Hans C. Pettersson’s blog “Jihad I Malmö” last week, Danish police discovered that a man had been “halal murdered” in Copenhagen. The Danish capital is just across the Oresund Bridge from Malmö—only 35 minutes by train. Perhaps this is too close for comfort.

The first edition of the news item, as noted by Pettersson, was published in Danish the media on April 9, 2010, at 13:24. The cached version is available here and the headline translated from Danish reads “Got 15 Years for “Halal Murder”.

One part of the initial article reads; “The large carotid artery was cut straight off. The arteries to the heart were also cut off on both sides. This is the method used when you “halal” butcher an animal’, stated the law-court physician Gyda Lolk Ottosen in court.”

A short while after the story was published in Denmark, Pettersson, who often blogs about radical Islamic occurrences in Malmö and Sweden, noticed that the headline of the story had changed to:
“Father and Son convicted of knife murder”. The court statement by Dr. Ottosen was taken out (later added again) and had been replaced by the explanation that the murder was committed by means of some 100 stab wounds.

According to Pettersson, the term to “halal murder” someone has come into frequent use by radical Islamists in Malmö. Jewish children in Malmö have already been subjected to such threats. “Halal murder” has already taken place in Malmö. In 2009 two Muslim teenagers from Rosengård, members of the organization “Al-Nour Drita” in Malmö were found guilty of murdering a homosexual man.

Still, the Swedish media did not cover the Danish story. The Swedish news agency TT was completely silent on this item.

The Danes were hard-hit by violent radical Muslims worldwide after the Jyllands-Posten decision to publish the Mohammed cartoons. Similarly-posed threats occurred in Sweden after Swedish newspapers decided to publish Lars Vilks’ cartoon work portraying the prophet Mohammed as part human, part dog.  Vilks was forced into hiding by the Swedish police. While Sweden claims to uphold freedom of the press, it is evident that the fear of repercussions by the growing radical Islamic community in Scandinavia drives editorial decisions. Freedom of the press in Sweden exists only as long as the growing anti-democratic forces ravaging the country are appeased.


  1. Are you tired of stupid liberal ideas like "we're all just people" and bankrupt Socialist spending yet? Some people are raised with perverted belief systems and should never be allowed to immigrate to the free world.

    I can't understand why journalists always use the English word "HONOUR" in conjunction with traditional Muslim family murders. It deserves a traditional Muslim word. I suggest "HALAL murders" as a much more realistic label.
    Their is no English word for describing the insane act of killing of a daughter. We need to import a Arabic word such as HALAL!

  3. Actually, the term "hallal murder" means to literally slaughter or butcher, in the manner one would kill an animal. Without getting graphic, this term does not apply to all so-called "honor killings". I think "insane vengeful murder" is a useful term for these cases.