Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Carl Bildt: Hamas Doesn’t Have to Acknowledge Israel

In order to continue to show our readers that Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, (Moderate) who likes to portray himself as a true humanitarian, isn’t what he claims to be, this post is dedicated to explain a little about his Palestinian guest today in Stockholm.

As reported in the blog “Peace in the Middle East” (Fred I Mellanöstern)  Bildt today received Nabil Shaath, a former Palestinian Minister and leader of the Palestinian Fatah. Fatah is the leading political party in the West Bank and sworn enemy of the Hamas which rules in the Gaza Strip. The terrorist organization Hamas has on several occasions conducted “witch hunts” of Fatah members in the Strip and from time to time tortures and executes its members.

FiM notes that Shaath, “belongs to one of the more radical elements [he has been seen in meeting with Hamas leaders in February] which sees a peace process mostly as a way to achieve a Palestinian state. Once this is accomplished he doesn’t see anything wrong in Hamas continuing their war against Israel—this time in a stronger position”. That Carl Bildt is encouraging such two-faced politics doesn’t come as a surprise after what we have learned recently about his involvement in Sudan. In short, Bildt was on the board of a company which is accused of using war lords to violently expel rebelling local inhabitants in order to aid the same Swedish corporation in drilling for oil.

Shaath has further stated to the local Middle Eastern press such as a Jordanian paper  and Arabic journalist Khaled Abu Toameh from the Jerusalem Post, that he is “lobbying for all European leaders who want to let go of the demands on Hamas to stop terror and acknowledge Israel and the peace accords. As opposed to the Quartet’s demands, Shaath, conversely, thinks it is enough with a “ceasefire” (and no recognition of Israel) in order to establish an Israeli state.  Once this is accomplished, Hamas will, of course, be able to continue its goals to eliminate Israel off the map by committing genocide against its citizens. By receiving Shaath in Sweden, it also highly likely that Bildt seems himself as one of those European leaders which approves of Shaat's goals for the Middle East.

Here is the link to the article written by Abu Toameh in which Bildt’s friend Nabil Shaath is interviewed and claims that Hamas doesn’t need to acknowledge Israel.

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