Friday, June 25, 2010

Positive news from Sweden: Students willing to replace anti-Israeli dockworkers.

Sweden often gives the impression that it is blinded by hatred of Israel. However in the last couple of weeks following the Ship to Gaza event, some signs of hope have appeared showing that not everybody refuses to see both sides of the story.
In a public statement, the student union of the ruling Moderate party (Fria Moderaternas Studentforbund) writes "We can unload the ships".

The statement refers to the boycott  that the Swedish Dockworkers Union currently is imposing on Israeli cargo arriving to Sweden as well as Swedish cargo destined for Israel. In response to the Dockworkers Union’s boycott, the young Moderates offered to offload and load those ships which the dockworkers refuse to handle.
Their statement reads:

"Today, the Swedish Dockworkers Union has initiated a blockade of goods to and from Israel. The reason is that Israel did not let through a number of ships which were aiming to break their naval blockade of Hamas. To so clearly take a stance for Hamas and their unlimited naval access to accept all the goods they wish, including weapons, is a manifestation of hate towards Israel, not a support for the suffering population. Those who really want to have peace in the Middle East should instead take a stance against the terror group Hamas and the horrible suffering which it has caused Gaza’s population. It is Hamas's fault that people are suffering in Gaza, not Israel’s."

As a sign of their support of Israel the students have consequently decided to act in order to break the Swedish blockade against Israel and load and unload those ships which the dockworkers refuse to handle.
Anyone in Sweden interested in helping the Moderate Student Union can contact chairman Gustav Dymov for further information and contact details:


Cellphone: 073/2477440.


  1. Well done for a brave and correct initiative. Good on you the free-thinking people and students of Sweden. It is time to wake up and take power back and initiatives like this one are example for that.
    Here is another perspective re Israel and the world and some other rays of lights – as this one from Sweden.

  2. I salute the Moderate students for their moral rectitude in the face of adversity and hostility by blind pro-palestinian media.

  3. At least there are those who are not prepared to follow like sheep without using their heads.

    Well done