Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aftonbladets Political Editor in Chief Helle Klein calls for boycott of Israel

Helle Klein, political editor in chief of the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, published an opinion article yesterday on the future foreign policies of the Swedish alliance parties; the Green party (Miljö Partiet), The Left party (Vänster partiet) and the Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterna) before the elections in 2010.
Yet due to Aftonbladet's prior libelous articles against Israel such as the one concerning the Israeli organ thefts in the Palestinian Territories as well as Helle Klein's history of anti-Israeli writings including; "Glöm inte Gaza" (Dont forget Gaza), "Befria Betlehem från bosättarna"(Free Betlehem from the settlers) and "Goldstone ger offren en röst"(Goldstone gives a voice to the victims) it did not come as a surprise to find that also this piece would come to reflect Helle Klein's outspoken anti-Israeli sentimens. Klein does, except for writing political opinion articles in Aftonbladet, also run a blog where she at numberous times has expressed her strongly negative feelings about Israel and its government.

In yesterday's op-ed Helle Klein wrote that in connection to the seminar held by the Swedish curch, Amnesty and Olof Palme's International Center on "Gaza and international rights" it is of essence that the EU, UN and Swedish government demands that the war criminals (Israel) will be held accountable for their actions in the Gaza war. What is more important, she argues, is that the Swedish Green Party, The Left party as well as the party of the Social Democrats, as stated in an article by Urban Ahlin (S), Hans Lind (V) and Per Gahrton (MP) last wednesday, have highlighted that the key for solving the conflict in the Middle East is;

"that all touch upon parties respect international law, resolutions of the UN and the right to a peaceful co-existence within a two-state solution where both populations can live together in safety and security".

The key points of the three parties foreign policies concerning the Middle East as presented in the debate on the governments foreign policy debate last wednesday is the support of a "free Palestine" which also includes the "halt of security cooperation between Israel and Sweden as well as the return of its military attaché in Israel to Sweden."

Klein does not only praise the suggested anti-Israeli foreign policies as presented by the three opposition parties but also suggests herself a cultural boycott of Israel that will encompass "a boycott of Israel's participation in the Eurovision songcontest, academic and sports exchagnes and so on..."

Helle Klein is a hardcore anti-Israeli as also can be seen by the end of her article when she writes that the three opposition parties' foreign policies for the election in 2010 "bodes well for the future".

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