Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Carl Bildt: Hamas Doesn’t Have to Acknowledge Israel

In order to continue to show our readers that Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, (Moderate) who likes to portray himself as a true humanitarian, isn’t what he claims to be, this post is dedicated to explain a little about his Palestinian guest today in Stockholm.

As reported in the blog “Peace in the Middle East” (Fred I Mellanöstern)  Bildt today received Nabil Shaath, a former Palestinian Minister and leader of the Palestinian Fatah. Fatah is the leading political party in the West Bank and sworn enemy of the Hamas which rules in the Gaza Strip. The terrorist organization Hamas has on several occasions conducted “witch hunts” of Fatah members in the Strip and from time to time tortures and executes its members.

FiM notes that Shaath, “belongs to one of the more radical elements [he has been seen in meeting with Hamas leaders in February] which sees a peace process mostly as a way to achieve a Palestinian state. Once this is accomplished he doesn’t see anything wrong in Hamas continuing their war against Israel—this time in a stronger position”. That Carl Bildt is encouraging such two-faced politics doesn’t come as a surprise after what we have learned recently about his involvement in Sudan. In short, Bildt was on the board of a company which is accused of using war lords to violently expel rebelling local inhabitants in order to aid the same Swedish corporation in drilling for oil.

Shaath has further stated to the local Middle Eastern press such as a Jordanian paper  and Arabic journalist Khaled Abu Toameh from the Jerusalem Post, that he is “lobbying for all European leaders who want to let go of the demands on Hamas to stop terror and acknowledge Israel and the peace accords. As opposed to the Quartet’s demands, Shaath, conversely, thinks it is enough with a “ceasefire” (and no recognition of Israel) in order to establish an Israeli state.  Once this is accomplished, Hamas will, of course, be able to continue its goals to eliminate Israel off the map by committing genocide against its citizens. By receiving Shaath in Sweden, it also highly likely that Bildt seems himself as one of those European leaders which approves of Shaat's goals for the Middle East.

Here is the link to the article written by Abu Toameh in which Bildt’s friend Nabil Shaath is interviewed and claims that Hamas doesn’t need to acknowledge Israel.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Carl Bildt: A Two-Faced “Humanitarian”

Carl Bildt, Swedish Foreign Minister, claims to be a true humanitarian. In him, it would seem the ever-suffering Palestinians have finally found a true champion within the Swedish government; one who is willing to fight for their rights, to stand up against their oppressors. Yet Bildt’s “humanitarian” image might not be as true as he claims. A few years back, he was part of the board on Lundin Petroleum which cared more about making revenues than bringing peace and prosperity to war-torn Sudan.
Lundin Petroleum is now being investigated and suspected of war crimes. During the period from1997-2003, more than 10,000 people were killed and close to 200,000 forced from their homes in southern Sudan. The reason, according to the report Unpaid Debt, is that foreign oil companies needed the rebels removed from the drilling area in order to start pumping oil—companies such as Lundin, of which Bildt was a board member. Of course, it is not the oil companies themselves who are accused of carrying out these crimes; rather, they are said to have hired officers of the Sudanese army to clear away the obstacles that stood in the way of their prospecting.
While Bildt today claims to have a commitment to the Palestinian people, this is as much a product of wishful thinking as his attempts to bring about peace and prosperity in Sudan. Like so many other so-called “humanitarians”, he was quick to condemn Israel for the violence surrounding the boarding of the Ship to Gaza flotilla, and more than willing to give the Swedish activists on the flotilla a hero's welcome.

This, however, seems to be the extent of his commitment to the Palestinians: condemning Israeli soldiers for having the nerve to defend themselves when being attacked by an armed mob, as well as publicly endorsing that mob. The pattern seems rather familiar; rather than actually doing something to help the Palestinians, Bildt thinks that condemning Israel will be the solution to the problem. He is angered by Israeli soldiers shooting nine violent activists in self-defense, but he says nothing when 32 members of the Fatah party are executed in cold blood by the Hamas.
That Sweden’s foreign minister has adapted a two faced “humanitarian” approach is evident; that Sweden chooses to use Bildt as their face to the world says a lot more about the Swedish claim to being humanitarians.
As a board member at the time Carl Bildt may be found a guilty party in the Lundin war crimes in Sudan. While he pretends that he can be the savior of human rights world wide, and especially a great friend to the Palestinian cause, this stain on his record exposes quite clearly the phony two-faced humanitarian mask which Bildt has put on.
And as far as his friendship to the Palestinians is concerned: If it only extends to endorsing anti-Israeli actions while keeping quiet about the crimes the rulers of Gaza are committing against their own people the Palestinians should probably start looking for friends elsewhere.
The report Unpaid Debt can be found here:

The text was written by

guest blogger : Adam Eberhag

Monday, June 28, 2010

Malmö’s New Mosque- Terror Friendly?

As I have mentioned earlier, Malmö will soon be receiving a new more radical mosque to fit the needs of the cities large Muslim population. The deal was signed last week and a large piece of land was sold by the Malmö municipality to the “Islamic Belief Association” (Islamska Trossamfundet).  Within three years the so called “leisure center” is estimated to be ready.

Even though almost half of the center is to be dedicated to a prayer hall, the people in charge for the center refuses to call it a mosque. This of course attracts suspicion—not only by Swedish media but among other Muslims in the city.  Member of the Islamic Belief Association, Ammar Daoud, is one of those who have made a statement claiming that “a mosque is something completely different.”

Ammar Daoud is formerly known as the spokesperson for the Islamic Culture Association (Islamiska kulturföreningen ). This is the same association which in 2009 had one of its branch cellar mosques evicted by the Swedish Security Police (SÄPO) as it was found that radical ideas was being promoted at the site. Yet according to Ammar Daoud, the Islamic Culture Association is nothing like the Islamic Belief Association.   Still, having Daoud as a representative doesn’t bring positive vibes to the new project. Ammar Daoud holds strong relations to Saudi Islamists—the same Saudis who wanted to take over the moderate mosque “Islamic Center” in Malmö and start funding it with money from El-Haramain. The Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation is a Saudi fundraising organization which at present is banned worldwide by the U.N. Security Council Committee due to direct connections to terrorist groups such as Al-Qa’ida.

It should also be noted that it still at this point it is not known how much the construction of the mosque will cost, or who will pay for it. Daoud’s response to the question was that funding will come from “a lot of individuals”. The vague answer does not bode well.

As can be read in the blog “Muslimska Friskolan” Daoud is also known as a man who harbors strong hatred against Israel. That he is a man who doesn’t refrain from inciting to violence is also shown as he screamed in public at an anti-Israeli demonstration “Long live the intifada!”.

It appears that Malmö now needs to get ready to pave the way for a new, larger, more radical and more influential mosque—sorry, “leisure center”.

Marking Four Years Since Hamas Kidnapped Israeli Soldier Gilad Schalit: Sweden Could Not Care Less

Last Friday marked the fourth anniversary of the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit by Hamas armed forces on June 25th, 2006. Since his kidnapping from inside Israel by the Palestinian terrorist group, Gilad has been imprisoned below ground. Throughout his captivity he has not been allowed a single visit by any international human rights organizations in order to assure that he is in reasonable condition or even alive. Refusing political prisoners or prisoners of war these visits is a clear violation of international law.  Hamas does not care about compliance with international law, and neither do the many hypocritical Swedes who choose to support Hamas—an extremist terror organization which  respects neither international law nor human rights. Hamas tortures and executes fellow Palestinians, and aims to commit genocide against Jews both inside and outside of Israel.

In response to the Ship to Gaza incident, Sweden has chosen to take a strong stance against Israel. This can be seen in a variety of ways—right now it’s the “non- political” Swedish Dockworkers Union boycott against Israel.  The dockworkers show their support for the Palestinians by supporting Hamas–the same Hamas which flaunts international law by holding Israeli soldier Schalit prisoner and denying him Red Cross visits.  (You may also recall that the “humanitarian” Ship to Gaza mission refused to take a small package for Schalit along with the tons of aid for Gaza residents.)

Sweden’s strong support for the “Palestinian cause” in the form of Hamas is often based on what the Swede’s call “humanitarian” arguments. It is common in the Swedish media to find discussions demonizing Israel as a state which (according to them) fails to uphold international human rights. This, even though Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East and the closest one can get to the Swedish ideal rule of law in the region. Palestinian prisoners in Israel have visitors and even the opportunity to earn academic degrees in jail. What is never talked about in the Swedish media is terror group Hamas’ human rights abuses, including the current imprisonment of Schalit.

Gilad Shalit was 19 years old on the day he was kidnapped. In August this year he will turn 23, if he is still alive. Schalit so far has spent 1, 460 days without being able to talk to anyone other than his Hamas captors. If he is still alive, he probably has only the vaguest hopes of ever being delivered from his torturers. If he is still alive, one cannot even imagine the suffering he is going through, essentially in solitary confinement, held captive by an organization which is infamous for violence.  If he is still alive….

Nobody knows if he is still alive. One video of Schalit was given to Israel in September of last year, in trade for releasing Palestinian criminals in Israeli prisons, and again, counter to international law. In the video Schalit is holding a newspaper appearing to be up to date, but his condition was definitely not good.

In Israel, the norm is that every 18 year-old young man or woman has to participate in army or national service. As Israelis relate to Schalit as the typical boy next door serving his country, the response to Schalit’s kidnapping has been a public outcry, including demonstrations —just as Hamas intended. Paradoxically, the Israeli human response means that Hamas has accomplished exactly what they wanted; public pressure on the Israeli government, increasing the likelihood of negotiations for Schalit’s release. Negotiation means that Israel would have to release many thousands of Palestinians, many with Israeli children’s blood on their hands.

The psychological warfare conducted by Hamas is war crime. It is obvious that Israel cannot release thousands of prisoners—again, many of whom have Israeli blood on their hands—in order to release one soldier. This only sends the message to Hamas to keep kidnapping soldiers; it’s a productive war strategy for Hamas. 

In a situation like this democratic nations which claim to fight for human rights should take a stance against Hamas.  In Sweden, which internationally portrays itself as a humanitarian leader this has certainly not happened. Swedish organizations such as the Dockworkers Union instead choose to send money to organizations such as Ship to Gaza which hides behind a humanitarian mask, while allying itself with violent groups such as Hamas and IHH.  Keep in mind that Hamas violence is aimed not only against Israelis, but also against many Palestinians—whether they support Fatah, are Christians, or oppose Hamas’ Islamic regime and policies. Most of the blame for humanitarian problems in Gaza can be traced to Hamas’ totalitarian regime, not to Israel.

In Sweden, nobody speaks of kidnapped young Israeli Gilad Schalit or the war crimes committed by Hamas. In the Swedish imagination , extremist Hamas remains the humanitarian victim of Israel—as the Swedish media continues to report a biased and false narrative—but not the true terrorist story.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Positive news from Sweden: Students willing to replace anti-Israeli dockworkers.

Sweden often gives the impression that it is blinded by hatred of Israel. However in the last couple of weeks following the Ship to Gaza event, some signs of hope have appeared showing that not everybody refuses to see both sides of the story.
In a public statement, the student union of the ruling Moderate party (Fria Moderaternas Studentforbund) writes "We can unload the ships".

The statement refers to the boycott  that the Swedish Dockworkers Union currently is imposing on Israeli cargo arriving to Sweden as well as Swedish cargo destined for Israel. In response to the Dockworkers Union’s boycott, the young Moderates offered to offload and load those ships which the dockworkers refuse to handle.
Their statement reads:

"Today, the Swedish Dockworkers Union has initiated a blockade of goods to and from Israel. The reason is that Israel did not let through a number of ships which were aiming to break their naval blockade of Hamas. To so clearly take a stance for Hamas and their unlimited naval access to accept all the goods they wish, including weapons, is a manifestation of hate towards Israel, not a support for the suffering population. Those who really want to have peace in the Middle East should instead take a stance against the terror group Hamas and the horrible suffering which it has caused Gaza’s population. It is Hamas's fault that people are suffering in Gaza, not Israel’s."

As a sign of their support of Israel the students have consequently decided to act in order to break the Swedish blockade against Israel and load and unload those ships which the dockworkers refuse to handle.
Anyone in Sweden interested in helping the Moderate Student Union can contact chairman Gustav Dymov for further information and contact details:


Cellphone: 073/2477440.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Swedish Dockworkers Conduct Boycott of Convenience

As  I have mentioned earlier, the Swedish Dock Workers Union (Svenska Hamnarbetarförbundet) has decided to conduct a boycott against Israeli cargo arriving into Swedish ports as well as cargo that sets off towards Israel.  The boycott concerns almost all Israeli goods, except those which are inconvenient for the Swedes to boycott.

The self- initiated boycott was decided on as a response to the “attack on the Ships to Gaza activists” and started on the night between the 22nd and the 23rd of June and is to take place for a week.  In a statement in Swedish news debate forum Newsmill there is  an article written by the dockworkers themselves which states:

From the 23rd of June the Swedish Dockworkers Union will no longer unload or load Israeli ships and cargo to and from Israel. The limited-term blockade will hopefully stop Swedish trade  with Israel by sea until July 29th. The Swedish Dockworker Union’s actions are not isolated. We are working parallel with the dockworkers in South Africa and Norway, a first international action in order to achieve two goals from the state of Israel: 1. Stop the blockade of Gaza. 2. Allow an international investigation of the violent boarding of the freedom flotilla.”

While caught up in the frenzy of hating Israel many Swedes might not have noticed a small and problematic statement which was made by the Union’s man of confidence  Erik Helgeson from the dockworkers’ department in Göteborg. According to Helgeson, some goods are not going to be blockaded from entering in the Sweden, giving less credibility to the boycott as a whole.

In an article in Svenska Dagbladet Helgeson explains that for example, dialysis machines will be exempted from the boycott--meaning there will probably be a number of other goods allowed into Sweden which have been made in, and shipped from, Israel. What many have failed to notice then is that in fact, a variety of goods still will be shipped in to Sweden during the blockade as, according to Helgeson’s “the purpose is not to harm the sick”, meaning the sick in Sweden, of course.

When a union conducts a boycott of convenience like the one conducted by the dockworkers Union in Sweden this doesn’t give much credibility to the boycott nor to the organization itself. It also shows that the sympathy that the dockworkers claim to have for the Palestinian cause is only so great when it is convenient for the Swedes—when it’s not, they could not care less about Palestinians—when in need hypocritical Swedes still allow for goods they want to enter into the country .

If the dockworkers truly felt for the Palestinian cause (despite its glorification and promotion of murder and genocide) they would stop all goods from Israel from entering Sweden. By choosing not to do so, their boycott is nothing but one more statement that many Swedes are at best hypocrites rather than the humanitarians they claim to be. If the dockworkers really were humanitarians,  they already would have boycotted the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL). It is blacklisted in the US, but has unrestricted access to Swedish ports.   

The union earlier stated that the boycott of Israel and Israeli goods was to take place starting June 15th until midnight on June 24th. The reasons as to why the boycott did not occur at its set times is unknown, yet one cannot help but wonder if the workers perhaps knew that they were expecting important cargo from Israel—and therefore decided to push forward the date to start the boycott at a more convenient time for Swedish “humanitarians”.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Juggernaut of Misinformation

Christian Braw, Swedish priest and Army lieutenant (res.), continues a long and proud tradition within the Church of Sweden: defaming Israel.

In an article in the Swedish Christian newspaper Dagen, he describes, at great length, how Israel is conducting a kind of propaganda warfare in order to gain the world's sympathy after the boarding of the Ship to Gaza flotilla and the killing of nine of the Turkish extremists who assaulted the soldiers. Drawing on his own experience as an instructor of so-called “psy-ops” (psychological operations) at the army garrison in Eksjö, Sweden, he describes at length how Israel, with the help of its “information ministry” [possibly referring to Yuli (Yoel) Edelstein, the minister for Information and Diaspora], uses these psy-ops to convince the populace of other countries to see things from the Israeli point of view, or at least to sow confusion regarding what has truly happened.

These psy-ops are said to often be aimed at specific groups of people, in which case it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the group one is trying to influence. Braw mentions political groups and members of free churches as examples. Concerning the former, the best, most effective method according to Braw would be to paint Israel as a progressive democracy, while in the case of the latter, it would be better to speak of G-d's chosen people. Apart from this, Braw says, psy-ops also make use of carefully selected pieces of information, chosen for being advantageous for the case one is trying to make. One may also use false eyewitnesses, tampered videotapes and documents etc. If this is not enough, there is also the option of trying to shift focus to something else. In this case, he writes, since it is obvious that Israel has committed an act of piracy, it would be to their advantage to shift focus to the question of whether the activists “defended themselves” using wooden bats or iron bars.

Braw paints a truly frightening picture: reading his article, one gets the impression that Israel has access to a vast bureau of propaganda, whose only purpose is to spread lies and misinformation regarding Israel's misdeeds. In that case, however, one serious question presents itself: if Israel has such a powerful juggernaut of propaganda at its command, why is it still losing the battle for opinion?

Rather than describing Israel as a progressive democracy, Swedish political parties are uniting in their hatred for Israel. Rather than describing Israel as the nation of G-d's chosen people, a representative for the Social Democratic Christian movement Broderskap claims that “Israel's worst enemy is Israel”.

Oh, but there is some talk of the Chosen people. Swedish politician Veronica Palm, Social Democratic MP, is wondering if there are others wondering “who the Chosen ones will burn next”, the Chosen ones being, naturally, the Jews.

Also, one should take into account that hardly a word is said in the Swedish press concerning the seven Israeli soldiers that were wounded during the boarding, which certainly suggests that the activists were not merely “defending themselves”; had the Israeli soldiers been the ones who began the violence, it seems unlikely that there would have been a single Israeli wounded, as the soldiers, with their side-arms, had the advantage of range. For there to be any wounded Israelis, the activists would have to be very close indeed in order to beat at them with iron bars, something which would have been difficult to accomplish if the Israeli soldiers had been firing at them – unless, of course, the activists were armed with firearms from the beginning, which would prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that there was never any peaceful intent whatsoever behind the flotilla.

Braw's argumentation is flawed, but he is right when it comes to one thing; there is an unstoppable juggernaut of misinformation at work regarding the conflict, but it is not being operated by the Israelis. It is under the control of the Hamas and their supporters, the various useful idiots of the West.

The text was written by
guest blogger Adam Eberhag

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aftonbladet’s Helle Klein lives to hate Israel

Helle Klein is the political editor-in-chief for the Swedish Social Democrat tabloid Aftonbladet which has become infamous for writing fictitious hate-stories about Israel. Helle Klein writes a daily blog which one would suppose discusses politics —most probably of the Swedish, Scandinavian or European variety—which concern the politically-interested Swedish readers of Aftonbladet. Yet a glance at the June and May postings on Klein’s blog clearly show that she uses her position at Aftonbladet to promote her own Israel-hating agenda.

During the month of June 28 out of 44 posts concerned Israel and most of them were encouraging Sweden, the world and of course, Aftonbladet’s readers to boycott Israel, and Klein explained how this should be done. There were also posts where Klein lashed out against those who refused to take a stance against Israel, such as the Swedish government, as well as praise for those who have spoken out against Israel. Not one single post portrayed Israel in even a somewhat positive light, nor did any take note that Israel, when dealing with Gaza, is dealing with the terrorist organization Hamas.

During the month of May no less than 17 out of 52 postings concerned Israel, all of them heavily biased and hate-filled. These postings encouraged readers to take action against the state of Israel. It should be noted that a clear majority of the postings which did not concern Israel discussed whether or not the king of Sweden should escort the princess down the aisle at last Saturday’s royal wedding ceremony. This was clearly not a topic fit to take up a majority of space on a political editor’s blog.

It seems to me that it is nothing less than bizarre, when a large tabloid such as Aftonbladet allows their political editor to be so obsessed with her own agenda that she forgets to discuss political topics concerning the nearby communities of Scandinavia or Europe (even the world). These are issues which actually affect the lives of Swedish readers. It would be natural for a political editor to direct her attention to politics. With such a clear and biased focus on the Middle East one Helle Klein’s real agenda is quite clear. She lives to hate Israel.

Helle Klein lives to bash Israel and spends many of her waking hours trying to convince many others to loathe Israel just as much as she does. Her motive for so intensely hating Israel is unknown—but, luckily, today readers of her Israel-hating blog will find that she has gone on vacation until July. So until then, enjoy some moments of peace and quiet without false allegations and fanatical statements.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Still No Response to Mankell’s Hebrew Language Boycott

The blog “Norway Israel and the Jews” recently reported the that Norwegian author and Journalist Bjørn Gabrielsen is now criticizing the silence surrounding the Swedish author Henning Mankell’s decision to consider a boycott of the Hebrew language.

The full article (translated into Swedish from the Norwegian daily Dagens Næringsliv) is in the Swedish tabloid Expressen

I recently published a post discussing Henning Mankell’s decision to boycott Hebrew as a response to Israel’s actions in the Ship to Gaza operation. Mankell was one of the ten Swede’s who decided to travel alongside other “peace” activists, some of whom, having declared their intent to become martyrs,  staged a jihadist armed ambush on the Israeli soldiers. 
The question which Gabrielsson asked in Expressen is why none of Mankell’s fellow authors in Sweden have reacted to his foolish boycott of the Hebrew language?

According to Gabrielsen, who is also a literature critic and columnist in Dagens Næringsliv, it is strange that not one single writer in Sweden has reacted after Mankell, one of Sweden’s most famous authors, (not sure he can be considered Sweden's most famous author) has said he doesn’t want his books to be translated into Hebrew. Gabrielsson continues:

“One can hope that the silence amongst his colleagues is a cautious response or frozen hesitation. But from the outside, the silence looks more like an acceptance of Mankell’s thoughts. If Henning Mankell’s first impulse would have been to give the proceeds from Israeli readers and publishers to charities he would have managed to keep some kind of dignity as an author of good will and humanitarian interest. To boycott a language is something completely different—it is the most violent thing an author can do within the framework of his profession.”

There are further problems with his aims of boycotting the Hebrew language, Gabrielsson notes.  For example, will the boycott go both ways?  Maybe Swedes could ask if the borrowed words from Hebrew (there are a few, after all) should be banned from the Swedish language?  Words like for example “amen” and “hallelujah”?  Or would the boycott necessitate a ban of references to biblical texts and Jewish authors? How would Mankell get additional information about how horrible Israel is without the benefit of Hebrew-speaking journalists?

It is clear that Mankell hasn’t thought through the actual consequences of boycotting the entirety of the Hebrew language. It is embarrassing that Swedish authors does not take a stance against Mankell, especially when he admitted [in a statement he gave to Der Spiegel] that “his knowledge about the conflict is limited”.  Then, to add insult to injury, Mankell stubbornly expands his ignorance by making dramatic demands of the Israelis while at the same time refusing to communicate with them. 

Gabrielsson argues correctly that it is plain stupid of Mankell to refuse the opportunity to be able to speak to readers through his writings, including one million Hebrew-speaking Arabs. It is inexcusable for a so-called liberal to discard the option of meaningful dialogue to achieve reconciliation—shame on Mankell for choosing the path of irrational hatred and ignorant bigotry.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Palestinians and Jews Played It Out in Malmö.

In recent years the Palestinian Association’s football team and the Malmö Jewish football team Hakoah were intentionally separated and matches between the two teams were avoided until recently. This year was an exception when the two teams finally met for a game.

After Ship to Gaza many people, both Palestinian as well as Swedish natives have shown their dissatisfaction of Israel's handling of the activists who were on board the Ship to Gaza flotilla. In Sweden demonstrations against Israel have taken place around the country and local boycotts are currently also taking place. This, even though it has not been proven that Israel has done anything illegal.

Due to the many angry and hateful feelings in Malmö it was therefore not a surprise to find that there were  extra guards, police patrols and specially picked arbiters present at the football game for the 6th division between the Palestinian Association and Hakoah last Friday.

Hakoah Malmo has in the past been exposed to a variety of anti-Semitic hate crimes, therefore the Swedish football league has also, as far as they could, tried to prevent politically conflicting teams from meeting for games.

The game ended 4-2 to Hakoah and the game took place without any disturbances. The football association has also decided that politics no longer will be allowed to rule over the games.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ICA Allows Local Israel Boycott

Dear Readers,

As a response to the article I wrote Monday, 14 June, 2010 concerning John Curovac’s personally initiated boycott of Israeli goods I have gotten much feedback from you.  I encouraged all of you to write a letter of complaint to ICA’s central board. Many of you have contacted ICA in order to complain about Curovac’s actions—how can a supermarket which has a board that claims to “follow the UN and Swedish government’s recommendations as to business relations with other countries” allow a single store—which represents the whole concern—to conduct an independently initiated boycott of Israeli goods? This is clearly not in line with the UN and Swedish government’s recommendations as to business relations with other countries. Neither Sweden, nor the UN has initiated a boycott against Israel—and neither should the ICA if they claim to abide by the guidelines of the Swedish government.

Boycotting Israeli goods is done by Curovac solely to receive personal political gains—it has nothing to do with enhancing the sales of ICA’s supermarkets, bettering its business relations or giving better services or goods to its customers. But it does force a biased political agenda upon customers who are used to doing their grocery shopping in the local supermarket.  The boycott is clearly going against the guidelines held by the ICA board but still nothing is done to stop John Curovac’s personal political campaign.

I am not able to publish the answers which many of my readers have received from ICA’s customer support as ICA  has prohibited their emails from being used by a third party. It seems however, that all of you who complained have received the exact same email. The same email which does not answer any of your questions and which does not in any way justify the boycott which is conducted by John Curovac. 

According to ICA, each local store is responsible for its range of products. This means that Curovac is the person responsible for choosing which goods to buy for the supermarket which he manages. It appears that according to ICA this is enough justification for ICA to allow Curovac to continue with his personal boycott of Israel in Växjö. This incorporates not only refusing to buy Israeli goods but destroying the ones already bought- causing losses for ICA as well as using the stores facilities to spread his political goals by putting up posters and signs calling for people to boycott Israel.
Allowing for this,  also basically means local ICA stores managers can—without the intervention of the ICA central board—conduct boycotts and publicly promote personal political agendas using Swedish ICA supermarkets as their personal forums.  They can promote any line of personal opinion they like—without the intervention of ICA’s central board. Such lawlessness does not seem to represent the orderly and democratic society which Sweden is claims to represent in the international arena. Yet,  ICA chooses to encourage this anarchic behavior by not putting an end to the foolish boycott which Curovac still running in the supermarket which has become his personal political platform.

Therefore, if you still feel upset and angry about ICA’s lack of control over its branches, keep complaining! The worst thing that can happen is that you get a lighter conscience. At best, ICA and Sweden will finally see that the world is watching, and take responsibility for what is happening on their turf.

This is ICA's email :
and this is Curovacs  email:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweden’s Political Parties Urged Measures against Israel—Even Before “Ship To Gaza”

Following the “Ship to Gaza” event many Swedish political parties have publically taken a stance on the Middle Eastern conflict even though Swedish political parties usually don’t get involved in foreign politics before elections. According to a study conducted by two Swedish human right groups it now appears that Swedish  sought to take action against Israel, even before the Ship to Gaza event in which Turkish IHH "peace activists" attacked boarding Israeli soldiers with clubs, knives and bullets. 

In a new study which was presented this Sunday, two Swedish human right groups (with a very questionable agenda) revealed that even before the Ship to Gaza event there was a support amongst a majority of the parties in the Swedish parliament that wanted to take punitive measures against Israel, primarily in the form of trade sanctions. The report was published opinion section of the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet.
The article in Svenska Dagbladet  is written by two of Sweden’s human rights organizations; the “Africa groups” (Afrikagrupperna) and the “Latin American groups” (Latinamerikagrupperna). The two refer to their new study and emphasizes the need for all of Sweden’s political parties to incorporate a stronger stance against Israel. They feel this is necessary to show that Sweden will go from words to deeds on the “occupation of Palestine” (Obviously, Israel cannot occupy a "Palestine" which never existed as a state; the writers also pointedly ignore Israel's total pullout from Gaza nearly five years ago, and Israel's pullbacks and and cooperative policy with the Palestinian Authority. 

According to the two human rights groups, it is important that “Sweden will push in order to put Israel responsible for the atrocities committed against the Palestinian people". Therefore the two groups have conducted this study which was aimed at “asking them how occupation countries such as Israel should be addressed”. This premise of Israeli "atrocities" is based on biased and false assumptions. Time and time again, Israel's exemplary low rate of civilian casualties in combat is discounted, yet obviously manufactured "evidence" of "massacres" is swallowed in its entirety by the left wing, their media bedfellows and other useful idiots. Therefore, it is no surprise that the study showed that many in Parliament want to conduct a policy which puts Israel under serious political and economic pressure. 

The main question I have is why the two human right groups representing Africa and Latin American do not focus on their area of expertise, as it is clear that they do not know the real facts about the conflicts in the Middle East. Why don’t the “Africa groups” demand Swedish actions in Darfur- here there are plenty of human rights abuses that will keep the “Africa groups” busy for years. There are crises in Africa involving the murder, abuse and starvation of millions in Africa, yet they all take a back seat to the deaths of a handful of Islamofascist thugs (and a few of their human shields) who occasionally get hit back. In the meanwhile, Hamas is pursuing with impunity the murder, abuse, and deprivation of rights of its own people while still targeting Israeli civilians with Kassam missiles. The recent deaths of nine martyrdom-seeking, Turkish-paid IHH terrorists, while regrettable, pale in comparison to the vast scale of of ongoing human rights abuses in Africa.

The Latin American group is no better. They are also focusing on becoming a phony heroes in the Middle Eastern conflict, instead of putting their efforts into stopping human rights abuses in Latin America, which they claim is their alleged mission.. In Colombia
to citejust one example, disappearances, extra-judicial executions and torture have reached epidemic proportions. It would be more appropriate if the “Latin American groups” put their effort in to these issues- if they are what they claim to be: a human rights organization focusing on Latin America. Of course, they say nothing of Turkey's occupation of Northern Cyprus, the gencide against the Armenians, and the abuse of Turkey's Kurdish population.

Given theattitude of this article published in Svenska Dagladet one can only hope that the ruling centrist coalition manages to get enough votes in the fall elections to defeat the leftist factions in the Parliament. If they the future looks dark not only for relations with Israel but also for the future of Sweden. A state which ignores real humanitarian crises in totalitarian states and instead prefers kicking Israel, a vibrant democracy, is a state which will, sooner or later, abuse its own citizens...which may be the reason why many Jews have already left Sweden.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Single ICA store boycotts Israel

A week ago it became known that the manager of an ICA supermarket in Växjö, John Curovac, had initiated a boycott against Israel without the consent of ICA’s board, his personnel or his customers. ICA is a nationwide supermarket with thousands of branches in Sweden.

Curovac is an immigrant from Bosnia who  came to Sweden in 1992. He says he knows what the population in Gaza is going through as he has “experienced similar things” before he came to Sweden. This, although it is very hard to see similarities between the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and the conflict that took place in Bosnia in the 1990s. In an interview he further explains his own initiated boycott as “his chance to do something even though it might mean that he can loose everything”.

According to himself all of his personnel- which he also explains as “mainly not interested in politics” have agreed to participate in the boycott. Curovac also claims that only one customer has complained about the self initiated boycott- all other responses have been positive.

One customer on the other hand he stated “has told me that she will buy her food elsewhere in the future”. To this Curovac proudly commented that he answered “you can buy your food wherever you want and I promise I won’t come in a helicopter and take it from you”. One can not help noticing his ironic undertones most probably trying to refer to Israel and the Gaza strip. Israel has never though, taken any food out of Gaza by a helicopter. On the contrary Israel helps brining food and humanitarian into the Strip. The fact that Hamas fails to distribute the goods to the Gaza population Curovac does not seem to care or may not even know about.

The aim of Curovac’s boycott is also, according to himself, to get a lighter conscience. By boycotting Israel he also claims that he wants to achieve equal rights for both Palestinian and Israelis. Boycotting Israeli goods will not be a good way to achieve his goals, yet the store manager does not seem very rational as well. The boycott will continue, Curovac states, until “Palestinians get all their rights”. Which these are he won’t specify- maybe it incorporates that Hamas will eliminate Israel and commit genocide against on its citizens. This is a right which Hamas themselves claims to be entitled to and a right which Curovac currently represents with his boycott. 

In order to more effectively conduct the boycott Curovac has encouraged his personnel to throw away all Israeli goods. Therefore the people working in ICA have destroyed fruits, vegetables as well as cans of good from Israel. He is also asking his customers to inform the personnel if they will find anything else which is originating from Israel so that it could be destroyed.
It is sad to see that one ignorant man still is able to conduct an illegal boycott which goes against the will of the ICA concern. ICA stores have not decided to conduct a boycott against Israel and therefore a single store manager should not be able to do whatever he feels necessary to lighten his conscience.

By letting Curovac apply his political thoughts to a national chain of supermarkets one can only wonder what the next step will be. Will some branches of nationwide pharmacies start bonfires burning Israeli heart medicines? Will individual passport control officers refuse to let Israelis into Sweden? Is destroying vegetables perhaps one step before Swedes start burning Israeli books?

It is clear that more people, except for this one brave lady that rightfully complained about Curovac’s illegal actions, need to stand up for the rule of law. A store manager cannot conduct foreign policy for a company which claims to “not take a political stance in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “When it comes to boycotts for a certain countries goods [Israel] we follow the UN and Swedish governments recommendations as to business relations with other countries”.

To oppose a lawless society and John Curovac’s illegal boycott please go onto ICA’s homepage and write to ICA’s board and complain: 

or write John Curovac himself :

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweden Takes another step toward Eurabia

June 6th is known as Sweden’s Independence Day (or Swedish Flag Day) when Swedish traditions and culture are celebrated.  Swedish Independence Day was declared as a commemoration of the coronation of Gustav Vasa in 1523. During recent years this tradition  has taken a bizarre turn—in some places in Sweden today, Swedish Independence Day is celebrated mainly with Kurdish and Arabic folk music.

Swedish Independence Day is a minor, pleasant holiday for the average Swede; since 2005 it has been recognized as a national holiday, which makes it more appreciated (as a day off!). During the celebrations, the king of Sweden traditionally gives a speech and Swedes nostalgically recall their past. Traditional Swedish celebrations are held in many communities; people often dress up in their national costume and join in Swedish folk dancing and music. The day has no religious content—it’s merely a way to uphold traditions celebrating Swedish culture and history.

Yet during the last couple of years, this tradition seems to have taken a new twist. In 2007, the Malmö community hosted a Swedish Independence theme day at the Islamic Center in Malmö. Boys and girls dressed in Swedish national clothes were celebrating Swedish culture in a Mosque.
This year, the municipality in Sandviken has decided to take the tradition one step further and completely eliminate the Swedish theme, instead celebrating Swedish tradition by playing Kurdish and Arabic folk music. This is most probably a way to celebrate the “new multicultural” Sweden.

This is the program from the event:

14.30 National Anthem, Ida Sanderson
14.35 Sandviken’s men choir
14.50 Arabic and Kurdish folk music.
15.05 This year’s multicultural prize is handed out by Mona Davik from the growth council. 
15.50 Kuridish folk music

Obviously, all people in Sweden have a right to and should celebrate their cultural background, including the native Swedes. For this reason, a traditional Swedish holiday should not be wholly transformed into a festival of foreign culture.  Something is wrong when native Swedes feel that they must largely set aside their own culture in order to make their national day palatable to immigrants. As it is highly unlikely that immigrants will use their holidays as an occasion for Swedish folk dancing, it seems that Swedes should preserve their native traditions on their national day. There is no reason why immigrants should not join in the festivities of their adopted land—or at least observe respectfully. When Swedish Independence Day tradition is largely supplanted by celebrations in mosques accompanied by Arabic and Kurdish folk music one must wonder what the next step Sweden will take toward  Eurabia.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Swedish opposition parties unite under Israel hate

After the recent events concerning the flotilla to Gaza the hate against Israel in parts of Swedish society has grown stronger. The hate against Israel now seems to have even further united the opposition parties which may form a government in Sweden after the fall elections.

Two  politicians were on board the ships that were trying to break the international law and sail into the Hamas led Gaza strip. One was the parlementarian member of the Environment Party Memet Kaplan and the second one, Uld Carmesund, international secretary for“Broderskapsrörelsen” (Brotherhood movement) which organizes the Christian Social Democrats.
Carmesund spoke to the Swedish media after his return and said that it is “extraordinary that Swedish politicians are arrested abroad [he clearly doesn’t understand that people that break international law are subjected for arrest, even if you are a low ranked politician]. Especially as it has been done [the arrest] in connection with an action which has been condemned by an almost united world [“almost united”- not even close to a majority of the countries in the world have condemned Israel’s actions].

It rather seems, as has been discussed in Svenska Dagbladet, that the actions by Israel have united the often polarized Swedish debate on the Middle East. Parties from the right as well as from the left have condemned Israel’s actions in connection to Ship to Gaza- even pro Israeli parties such as the People’s Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats.

The leader of the social democratic opposition, Mona Sahlin which may become Sweden’s next prime minister after the elections this fall has further emphazised her wish to stop the EU trade agreements with Israel. This request is also shared by the Environment party and the Left. The three opposition parties also seeks to halt all military cooperationn with Israel and call home Sweden’s military attaché in Israel.

The Israel hating line for the Social Democrats also shows the shift the party has taking in its stance to the Middle East debate since Göran Persson was prime minister (1996-2006) and the leader of the party. While Persson was in power, the relations to Israel were  much better even though many in his party were strongly anti-Israeli.

According to the author of the article in Svenska Dagbladet, Göran Eriksson, Mona Sahlin can be seen as inspired by the her Norwegian labor party leader Jens Stoltenberg who leads a left wing government. Norway’s Middle Eastern politics has also at times caused harsh conflicts with Israel he notes.

If Mona Sahlin wins the upcoming elections Eriksson is most probably right when he also argues that “a Sahlin led government would probably sound more like Palme than Persson”. The leader of the Left Party- which is part of Sahlin’s opposition, Lars Ohly did for example last week quote [when speaking about Israel] Palme’s thoughts on the Franco regime: “Bloody Killers”.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chairman of the Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism: Anti-Semitism Is Spreading In Sweden

The Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet yesterday published an excellent op-ed written by the chairman of the Swedish committee against Anti-Semitism- Willy Silberstein. The piece discussed how the recent “Ship to Gaza” incident further has shed light on the rapid growth of anti-Semitism in Sweden.

In order to share Silberstein’s message about anti-Semitism in Sweden with a wider audience, I have below summarized some of the key points in English:

Silberstein argues that during recent days the reactions to “Ship to Gaza” have shown that Jews in Sweden are dealing with serious prejudice. Anti-Semitism exists amongst parliamentarians, academics and is wide-spread on the internet.

According to the author, when Israel’s government is internationally criticized this leads to an increased level of anti-Semitism—it simply blooms.  Anti-Semitism is most probably there all the time, but in less dramatic times there are less people that dare to say anything.
Recently, this has not been the case.

Silberstein quotes the blog of a Social Democrat and member of Parliament, Veronica Palm:
“Do you also wonder who the Chosen Ones will burn the next time?”.
The quote is from a song by a Swedish artist Björn Afzelius.  The “Chosen Ones” refers not to a country but to Jews as a group. Furthermore, in this context it is a term completely in line with traditional anti-Semitic argumentation which shows the Jews as group that defines itself as superior and is inherently evil.  Palm was later criticized and released this statement:”I have now understood that the song lyrics, when taken out of context, by some debaters on the internet, seem nearly anti-Semitic”.

What she fails to acknowledge is that it is not “nearly anti-Semitic” but actually anti-Semitic. Indicating that the Jews will “burn” their next victims clearly amounts to collective blame directed at a certain group. Demonizing all Jews in this way is nothing short of classic anti-Semitism.  It is frightening to see these messages spread by someone who is Vice President of the Swedish government’s Social Security Committee and Chairman of the Social Democrats in Stockholm.

In Newsmill, an online Swedish news debate forum, Torbjörn Tännsjö  (a professor at Stockholm University) writes that Jews should take a stance against Israel’s actions against Ship to Gaza. He claims that this will eliminate anti-Semitism. By this logic, Tännsjö does two things: firstly, he is claiming that there is a real and justifiable basis to existing anti-Semitism, and secondly, he opens the door to justifying anti-Semitic reactions if Jews don’t take a stance. This harks back to Mayor Reepalu’s (Social Democrat) statement that the Jews in Malmö should condemn the war in Gaza in order to avoid harassment and physical violence directed against them.

Silberstein also shares that he got a message on Facebook from someone with a typical Jewish name which read: “During the last 48 hours my children (who are adults) and I have received some 45 phone calls on how we will be treated when they catch us Jews and finish the job that Hitler did not, as well as how my children and my grandchildren (they knew their names) will be killed in the square”.

Prejudiced statements such as the following have also sprung up on Swedish internet sites. “I hope this will be in the history books next to the page on Jews and the Holocaust—that Jews fought for democracy and freedom through acts of piracy and murder”.

The Swedish committee against anti-Semitism arranges yearly trips to concentration camps—these too have failed to avoid criticism. ”It is sad that school children travelled yearly to historical concentration camps paid by Israeli interest and then abuse takes place at the present time which is not talked about in school”. It should be noted that it is the schools and not Israel which pays for the trips. 

Silberstein concludes his op-ed by writing “I think most Swedes believe that we live in a country where Jews as a minority have small prejudices to struggle with. The reactions the last couple of days show that prejudice [in Sweden] against Jews is spreading under a very thin veneer [of liberal attitudes]. This prejudice has spread widely through the internet and amongst parliamentarians and academics.” As Silberstein shows, the deceiving humanitarian mask is fast slipping from Sweden’s public face.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Nation Wide Boycotts and Israel Bashing in Sweden

As a reaction of Israel halting the ”Ship to Gaza” flotilla, there is much Israel-bashing in Sweden and a number and a number of individuals as well as organizations in Sweden hae announced their intention to start boycotting Israel.

Amongst these is the Dockworkers’ Union in Sweden. The union has decided, as a response to the “attack on the Ships to Gaza”, to boycott Israel for more than a week starting June 15th until midnight on June 24th. According to the daily Dagens Nyheter it is unknown how many ships will be affected. According to the union itself the boycott does not impact large amounts of imports.

 The union also urged other unions and organizations to join them through similar initiatives and called for Israel to be brought to justice for the attack, respect “international law "and immediately lift the blockade of Gaza.

In Helsingborg as well, the left wing opposition in the municipal council wants to enforce a communal boycott against Israel.

According to Jan Andersson (Social Democrats’ head in Helsingborg) the reason for the boycott is to encourage other communities to do the same in order to “to show Israel that we don’t tolerate their shooting innocent people that are about to conduct actions of solidarity”. He ignores knowingly or not, the fact that at least 50 of these” innocent people” were armed, connected to, and paid by Islamic Jihad groups. They also stated before they sailed that they were seeking to become martyrs. Andersson is clearly among the group of uninformed Swedes such as Victoria Strand that are too ignorant to recall why Israel had to board the ships in the first place—and ignorant  as well of their right to do so under actual  international law.

A communal boycott such as the one Andersson (S) is encouraging has never been conducted. Such a boycott could also be problematic as it would go against the foreign policies of the Swedish government as well as agree- upon trade guidelines for the EU. This doesn’t bother Andersson who seeks to force a boycott upon all Helsingborg’s citizens—whether they want it or not. In the TV clip above, Andersson claims a boycott is needed “in order for Israelis and Palestinians to be able to live side by side without aiming guns at each other”. How this would exactly work he doesn’t specify as it just as stupid as it sounds.  Try this thought exercise: if Swedes in Helsingborg stop eating Israeli tomatoes, or pull out their Israeli cardiac stents, or—even more dramatically—throw away their microchip devices, then peace will reign in the Middle East. Or not.

In a moment of Swedish sanity, Chairman of the Municipal Council Peter Danielsson (Moderate) on the, argued that a municipality is unable to conduct foreign policies as the Social Democrats, The Left and the Green Party seek to do in Helsingborg.  Also, according to Danielsson it should be up to the individual citizen to choose what he wants to buy or not.

Henning Mankell, the famous Swedish author who was part of the “Ship to Gaza” flotilla has also considered boycotting Israel by stopping the sales of his books in the country. According to the author himself:
-“ I am a bestselling author in Israel and I will really have to consider if I will prohibit translating my work into Hebrew.” At the same time he does not want this to happen to the “wrong people so I will have to think about it”. Last week Mankell was willing to “risk his life” for the Palestinian cause. It seems very clear that Mankell does not stay true to his “humanitarian support” but cares more about the profits from his sales.

In other places in Sweden such as Umeå in Sweden’s far north, the Green Party is also encouraging boycotts against Israel.

Nationwide demonstrations also took place where thousands of people called for a boycott of the State of Israel.

In the Israel-hating tabloid Aftonbladet the political editor-in-chief and anti-Israel advocate Helle Klein also encouraged Sweden to boycott Israel. She also took the time to add to the demonization of Israel by claiming that Israel still “illegally occupies both Gaza and the West Bank”. (These are false accusations of course, as the only Israeli soldier left in Gaza is Hamas’s prisoner Gilad Schalit, who is denied even Red Cross visits.  Incidentally, the highly “humanitarian” Ship to Gaza participants refused to even take a package for him. Another fact: Israel relinquished control over the vast majority of the residents in the West Bank years ago, but let’s not confuse Helle with the facts.)

During the last week Sweden seems to have gone into an Israel-hating frenzy with obsessive news broadcasts based on false facts concerning the boarding of the ships that were heading towards Gaza. Little to no attention has been paid to other troubled areas or major issues in the world. One can conclude that in Sweden Israel continues to be declared guilty without proof.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt Poses With Two-Faced Activists.

This picture was taken when the Swedes who participated in the “Ship to Gaza” flotilla landed Thursday morning in Turkey after their deportation from Israel. The political activists who like to call themselves “humanitarians” took part in an attempt to break international law and sail into the Gaza Strip.  Gaza is under partial blockade by Israel in response to continuing Hamas rocket attacks  against Israeli civilians. The activists claimed to transport humanitarian aid, but also as it turned out, both violent political activists as well as possible suicide terrorists. Still, the Swedish foreign minister finds it appropriate to in this picture strike a smiling pose standing next to the two-faced activists.

Although claiming to have been exposed to deadly violence, a majority of the Swedish activists wear big smile and some also are flashing victory signs.

Bildt (Moderate Party) has stated in response to Israel’s actions against the illegal Gaza Flotilla, that he “praises the actions of Turkey”.  It does not come as a surprise that Bildt once again is blinded by his loathing of Israel. -One should not forget that Sweden recently had a vote to condemn the Armenian genocide committed by Turkey –a resolution which just barely passed as it was approved by a vote of  131 in favor and 130 against. Interestingly, a member of the Swedish parliament Mehmet Kaplan (Greens) decided to refrain from voting--showing that he clearly did not condemn the genocide. Apparently, 1.5 million dead Armenians are not worth the effort of casting a vote. Yet Kaplan managed to have time to cruise the Mediterranean with the “Ship to Gaza” convoy and its crew violent activists.

Kaplan, our “humanitarian” member of parliament, is to meet with Carl Bildt during the day to discuss how he was treated by Israel.  This further emphases the fake humanitarian mask that the Swedes often hide behind.
Two-faced as Sweden is, it therefore come as no surprise to find that the foreign minster of the country, Carl Bildt, chooses to praise Turkey, even though Turkey  just recently sentenced a 15-year-old girl to eight years in prison for allegedly participating in a demonstration, jails journalists, and has repeatedly imprisoned Kurdish rights activist Leyla Zana. So much for Turkey’s liberal legal system.  As we see Armenians and Kurds are still harassed both socially and economically in Turkey, something to which Bildt now seems to have turned a blind eye.
The Swedish foreign ministry also recently made a statement in connection with the “Ship to Gaza” event saying that “Israel has the right to visit the ships, but not to stop them”. That the ministry is represented by the incompetent Bildt becomes more evident as it is based on falsehoods. In the interim agreements signed by Israel and the PLO in 1995 it is agreed that– as according to this map “Foreign vessels entering Zone L will not approach closer than 12 nautical miles from the coast except as regards activities .”

It was also agreed that:
” Israel Navy vessels may sail throughout these zones, as necessary and without limitations, and may take any measures necessary [including halting] against vessels suspected of being used for terrorist activities or for smuggling arms, ammunition, drugs, goods, of for any other illegal activity [such as the “Ship to Gaza” vessels]”.

As we have shown in previous blogs, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.  Despite all the fanfare on the Left, the whole aid cargo carried by Ship to Gaza flotilla was much less than the daily amount of aid trucked in from Israel. 
The whole flotilla “aid” operation was merely a cover for the actual purpose: breaking the blockade- brining illeagal weapons to Gaza and hurting Israel's reputation as much as possible.  Real human rights means Israeli civilians don’t have to have any kind of Iranian missiles falling on their homes and schools. If Sweden will continue to be represented by a foreign minister who clearly doesn’t respect either international law or human rights, then it might be time for Sweden to look for a new, more fitting foreign minister.  No Mr. Bildt, there is nothing to smile about.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Information instead of Bed Linen for Gaza traveller Victoria Strand

Today the last Swedes that took part in the “Ship to Gaza” convoy are expected to land back in Sweden. One of the activists on the first flight back from Israel was Victoria Strand; she was received in Sweden with applause.  Now that she’s back home, it is beyond comical to find Strand complaining that her trip was not comfortable enough.

In an interview published in Expressen Strand explains to the Swedish public that:
- “The time was around two or two-thirty at night. A large moon was lighting up the Mediterranean Sea that was lying still [very dramatic]. Then the Israeli ships arrived and it all starts with helicopters, tear gas and shots…”
She continuous:
“The soldiers were masked and had their [paintball] guns aimed at us. Afterwards the boats were taken to Ashdod where the military had established a gathering camp  for the aid personnel [activists] that had been arrested by the police. When we came ashore there were hundreds of military personnel lined up on the dock. We had to go through three body searches where they took fingerprints and they photographed us. It was physically demanding. I tried to push forward in able to speak to Mehmet [Kaplan, Swedish MP Greens] but then they started pulling me.
Talking about the Israeli prison Strand continues:
-”In prison the aid personnel [activists] were not given fresh water, or food [note that they were given both water and food but not food fitting Strand’s standards]. They tried to psych us out. There were only plastic mattresses in the cell and no linens. ”

When reading Strand’s statements I wonder if she herself is embarrassed by these bourgeois complaints. “There were only plastic mattresses and no linens” Could it be that Strand wanted to go on a deluxe cruise, but boarded the wrong boat?

It seems rather clear that the Swedish political activists, such as Victoria Strand, don’t realize that they tried to break a weapons import blockade imposed by a country that is currently in a war situation, facing a terrorist organization whose business is killing innocent civilians. Strand completely fails to understand that Israel has a right to prevent Hamas from importing missiles and other weaponry.
In order to further Ms Strand’s education, I am posting the following  letter from the European Friends of Israel , kindly forwarded by politician Annelie Enochson:

2 June 2010

Dear Distinguished Member of Parliament,
We are writing you following the tragic events which have recently unfolded aboard Gaza-bound vessels carrying humanitarian aid.
Although many questions still must be answered, we would like to present to you additional background information, which we believe can assist when attempting to fully understand the development of events.
Brief Historical Background
A state of armed conflict exists between Israel and the Hamas regime controlling Gaza. Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by the European Union.
In the past years, Hamas has launched 10,000 rockets against Israeli civilians, and is presently smuggling in arms and military supplies into Gaza, by land and sea, in order to fortify its positions and continue its attacks.
In order to prevent the importation of additional weapons, Israel has undertaken measures, including the imposition of a maritime blockade to curb Hamas rearmament.
Despite the blockade, Israel maintains an ongoing humanitarian corridor for the transfer of food and humanitarian supplies to Gaza, used by internationally recognized organizations including the United Nations and the Red Cross.
Under international maritime law, when a maritime blockade is in effect, no vessels can enter the blockaded area.
The Organizers of the Flotilla
Prominent among the coalition organizations participating in the aid flotilla were Turkish IHH (Insani Yardim Vakfi, IHH, “Humanitarian Relief Fund”).
Similar to other radical Islamic organizations, it leads a broad program of important activities in distressed areas around Turkey.
However, sorrowfully, besides its legitimate humanitarian activities, IHH supports radical Islamic terrorist networks, such as Hamas. In 2006 a Danish research institute called the Danish Institute for International Studies conducted a study which reported that in the past IHH had connections with Al-Qaeda and global jihad operatives (Find paper here: – See pages 10-14)
Development of Events
As the flotilla approached Israel’s territorial waters, the ships participating in the protest flotilla were warned repeatedly that a maritime blockade is in effect off the coast of Gaza and were given due notice of its exact coordinates.
Moreover, Israel repeatedly, many days before and once again at this opportunity, offered the flotilla organizers to land in the port of Ashdod, and to transfer their aid to Gaza through the existing overland crossings, after they have been thoroughly examined to assure no weapons were included.
The flotilla organizers rejected this offer, stating clearly that "this mission is not about delivering humanitarian supplies, it's about breaking Israel's siege." (Greta Berlin, AFP, 27May10).
While the organizers claim to have humanitarian concerns, they did not have similar concerns for the fate of the abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, and when asked, refused to even make a public call to allow him to be visited by the Red Cross.
When it became clear that the protest flotilla intended to violate the blockade despite repeated warnings (see warnings here: ), the Israeli political leadership ordered to halt the flotilla from reaching the Gaza Strip and breaching the naval blockade.
Thus, the Israeli Naval personnel decided to board the vessels of the flotilla and redirect them to Ashdod.
Fighting Breaks Out
Although no resistance was noted while boarding 5 out of the 6 vessels, according to the Israel Defense Forces, a large group of passengers on the biggest vessel physically attacked the boarding soldiers with light weaponry including knives and clubs and live fire, including weapons grabbed off IDF soldiers. You can see a film, documenting the initial violence, here: , and the weapons found on board, here:
As a result of this life-threatening and violent activity, naval forces employed riot dispersal means, including initially paintball guns but when proven useless in ceasing the violence, live fire was used.
According to reports, these events resulted in nine deaths among the demonstrators and numerous injured. In addition, more than four naval personnel were injured, some from gunfire and some from various other weapons. Two of the soldiers are moderately wounded and the remainder sustained light injuries from heavy blows.
The intention of the flotilla participants to resist Israeli Naval personnel was made clear in numerous television interviews.
The following video shows participants chanting battle cries which invoked:
• the killing of Jews
• the return of the army of Mohammed
• martyrdom
Although many questions still should be answered, it is important to note that:
• The Gaza blockade exists for only one reason: Hamas Terrorism
• Hamas is deemed a terrorist organization by the European Union
•    The organizers refused on several occasions to pass their aid through Israel after it was duly screened for weapons

•    It s therefore clear that the aim of the flotilla was clearly not about delivering humanitarian aid.
• Those vessels that acted peacefully were escorted unharmed to Israel, as had happened with previous vessels that tried to violate the maritime blockade.
•In the immediate aftermath of the incident, there was a rash and unbalanced media response. Coverage was quick to condemn Israel and describe as peace activists, organizers who were in fact armed and in violation of international law.
We, at the EFI office, remain at your total disposal for any additional question or request you may have regarding this event.
With kindest regards,
European Friends of Israel
168 rue Joseph II,
1000 Brussels, Belgium                            
+32 2 235 72 70 (phone)   
+32 2 235 72 71 (fax)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stockholm University Teacher: To Prevent Anti-Semitism Jews Should Now Take a Stance against Israel

In a Swedish news debate forum known as “Newsmill” professor of practical philosophy from Stockholm University, Torbjörn Tännsjö recently published his views (in English) on the “Ship to Gaza” event. In the article Tännsjö argues that Jews, due to Israel’s recent actions in connection with the “Ship to Gaza” flotilla, should distance themselves from the state of Israel- otherwise they might be subjected to anti-Semitism.

Tännsjö starts his article off by wrongfully arguing that over and over again, Muslims around the world are forced to take a stance against the actions of radical Islamic groups. It is certain that Muslims around the world never have been forced to take any stance against any actions made by independent Muslim groups. Muslims around the world have neither been asked to take a stance against individual states- when have Muslims been asked to take a stance against Saudi Arabia, Iran or Lebanon?

He then claims that the time now has come for the Jews around the world to do the same – this becomes even more problematic as he fails to acknowledge the difference between a small faction belonging to a radical terror organization and a democratic state with international recognition and the right to self-defense.
According to Tännsjö, Jews should distance themselves from the actions of Israel as “the attack was conducted in defiance of international law and hence illegal in a very obvious way; it happened about 40 miles (64 km) out to sea, in international waters."
Here Tännsjö’s argument is, once again, flawed. The Israeli navy has a legal basis for boarding the boats, as it is still in a conflict situation with Hamas. This terrorist regime continues to fire rockets from Gaza at Israeli civilian targets.
According to international law expert Dr. Robbie Sabel, in a time of conflict a country;
-”can impose an embargo, and while it cannot carry out embargo activities in the territorial waters of a third party, it can carry out embargo activities in international waters. Within this framework it is legal to detain a civilian vessel trying to break an embargo and if in the course of detaining the vessel, force is used against the forces carrying out the detention, then that force has every right to act in self defense.”

Yet these false and seriously flawed arguments Tännsjö spouts are not the most disturbing aspect of his article. It is  utterly outrageous that he argues that Jews—individuals as well as organizations—should take a stance against Israel’s actions “in order to obviate anti-Semitism”. This comes down to leveling threats against Jews who will not take a stance against Israel.
Tännsjö further writes:
“It is crucial that those who conceive of themselves as belonging to some kind of Jewish community condemn the illegal attack by the Israeli government on the Ships to Gaza, and that they denounce in the strongest terms the violent murders of many peace activists on the ships.”

According to Tännsjö Jews should hence disassociate themselves from  Israel because this state chooses to protect its citizens from possible terror attacks. Israel must reserve the right to board and inspect vessels to prevent massive imports of weapons, ammunition, explosives, and materials which will be used for military facilities.
Yes, according to Tännsjö, Jews should basically disown Israel even though the state—according to international law—hasn’t acted illegally. Nor did it meet the premeditated violence from the outraged and armed activists/lynch mob with more force than necessary to protect the lives of the Israeli boarding force. Of course Jews should badmouth Israel—after all Israel still will let the humanitarian aid into Gaza, continuing its aid policy. After all, as Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan points out, Muslims cannot be anti-Semites. That’s why the activists/lynch mob on the Mavi Marmara who chanted slogans such as “kill the Jews” and declared that they were sailing towards martyrdom are the approved actors in this maritime drama. What Tännsjö won’t admit is that the aid and all the European “peace activists” who tagged along as part of this adventure were just fig leaf for Hamas’ gun running ambitions.

No, I am sorry “Professor Tännsjö” but Jews around the world should not take a stance against a state that for more than 60 years has been trying to re-build a safe haven for Jews in their historic homeland. The state of Israel has and continues to protect its citizens against the genocidal Hamas regime--whose main goal is to wipe Israel off the map and actively targets Israeli civilians with rockets and mortar fire.
Tännsjö’s total lack of objective facts demonstrates that he is not only ignorant, but also highly unfit to teach students at Sweden’s largest university.