Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aftonbladet’s Helle Klein lives to hate Israel

Helle Klein is the political editor-in-chief for the Swedish Social Democrat tabloid Aftonbladet which has become infamous for writing fictitious hate-stories about Israel. Helle Klein writes a daily blog which one would suppose discusses politics —most probably of the Swedish, Scandinavian or European variety—which concern the politically-interested Swedish readers of Aftonbladet. Yet a glance at the June and May postings on Klein’s blog clearly show that she uses her position at Aftonbladet to promote her own Israel-hating agenda.

During the month of June 28 out of 44 posts concerned Israel and most of them were encouraging Sweden, the world and of course, Aftonbladet’s readers to boycott Israel, and Klein explained how this should be done. There were also posts where Klein lashed out against those who refused to take a stance against Israel, such as the Swedish government, as well as praise for those who have spoken out against Israel. Not one single post portrayed Israel in even a somewhat positive light, nor did any take note that Israel, when dealing with Gaza, is dealing with the terrorist organization Hamas.

During the month of May no less than 17 out of 52 postings concerned Israel, all of them heavily biased and hate-filled. These postings encouraged readers to take action against the state of Israel. It should be noted that a clear majority of the postings which did not concern Israel discussed whether or not the king of Sweden should escort the princess down the aisle at last Saturday’s royal wedding ceremony. This was clearly not a topic fit to take up a majority of space on a political editor’s blog.

It seems to me that it is nothing less than bizarre, when a large tabloid such as Aftonbladet allows their political editor to be so obsessed with her own agenda that she forgets to discuss political topics concerning the nearby communities of Scandinavia or Europe (even the world). These are issues which actually affect the lives of Swedish readers. It would be natural for a political editor to direct her attention to politics. With such a clear and biased focus on the Middle East one Helle Klein’s real agenda is quite clear. She lives to hate Israel.

Helle Klein lives to bash Israel and spends many of her waking hours trying to convince many others to loathe Israel just as much as she does. Her motive for so intensely hating Israel is unknown—but, luckily, today readers of her Israel-hating blog will find that she has gone on vacation until July. So until then, enjoy some moments of peace and quiet without false allegations and fanatical statements.

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