Monday, June 28, 2010

Malmö’s New Mosque- Terror Friendly?

As I have mentioned earlier, Malmö will soon be receiving a new more radical mosque to fit the needs of the cities large Muslim population. The deal was signed last week and a large piece of land was sold by the Malmö municipality to the “Islamic Belief Association” (Islamska Trossamfundet).  Within three years the so called “leisure center” is estimated to be ready.

Even though almost half of the center is to be dedicated to a prayer hall, the people in charge for the center refuses to call it a mosque. This of course attracts suspicion—not only by Swedish media but among other Muslims in the city.  Member of the Islamic Belief Association, Ammar Daoud, is one of those who have made a statement claiming that “a mosque is something completely different.”

Ammar Daoud is formerly known as the spokesperson for the Islamic Culture Association (Islamiska kulturföreningen ). This is the same association which in 2009 had one of its branch cellar mosques evicted by the Swedish Security Police (SÄPO) as it was found that radical ideas was being promoted at the site. Yet according to Ammar Daoud, the Islamic Culture Association is nothing like the Islamic Belief Association.   Still, having Daoud as a representative doesn’t bring positive vibes to the new project. Ammar Daoud holds strong relations to Saudi Islamists—the same Saudis who wanted to take over the moderate mosque “Islamic Center” in Malmö and start funding it with money from El-Haramain. The Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation is a Saudi fundraising organization which at present is banned worldwide by the U.N. Security Council Committee due to direct connections to terrorist groups such as Al-Qa’ida.

It should also be noted that it still at this point it is not known how much the construction of the mosque will cost, or who will pay for it. Daoud’s response to the question was that funding will come from “a lot of individuals”. The vague answer does not bode well.

As can be read in the blog “Muslimska Friskolan” Daoud is also known as a man who harbors strong hatred against Israel. That he is a man who doesn’t refrain from inciting to violence is also shown as he screamed in public at an anti-Israeli demonstration “Long live the intifada!”.

It appears that Malmö now needs to get ready to pave the way for a new, larger, more radical and more influential mosque—sorry, “leisure center”.

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  1. What happened to the old Sweden based on Judeo-Christian values? I miss those good old days.

    Ivan S.