Monday, May 30, 2011

Anti-Israel Lecture in Malmö Public Venue

Followers of Harun Yahya (a.k.a.  Adnan Oktar) advocating Koranic creationism have been touring Europe and lectured in Malmö yesterday. The lecture was held at "Folkets Hus" (People's House), a municipal venue and conference center in Malmö. The event was apparently in cooperation with the "Ahel Al Sunnah" congregation in Helsingborg (about one hour from Malmö).
Yahya is also a Holocaust denier—he wrote a book titled Holocaust Deception: The Secret History of the Zionist-Nazi Collaboration and the True Story of the 'Jewish Holocaust’ which was the first major Holocaust denial work published in Turkey.

In 2008 Yahya produced a suave but highly fake account of why Zionism is a.) another product of the Darwinism he denounces and b.) nothing that actual religious Jews believe in. The video (below)shows a handful of Neturei Karta lunatics as "the real Jews".  This group is so anti-Israel that they went to be useful idiots at an Iranian anti-Zionist conference.  They are a tiny fringe group which is in no way representative of any stream of normative Judaism.

When Yahya says that no real religious Jews are Zionists that is a lie, as evidenced by the large pro-Israel religious streams in Israel and abroad.
The Anti-Defamation League calls Harun Yahya:
“an anti-Semitic Turkish writer who denounces Zionism as a fascist movement akin to Nazism, as well as ‘a racist and colonialist ideology’that is based on ‘Social Darwinism.’"
On top if it all, "the Turkish courts, under pressure from Harun Yahya...banned WordPress" because there are anti-Yahya blogs on WordPress, reports a blogger.While Yahya’s movement is described as anti-Darwinian, it’s also just plain old Islamist anti-Zionism. So why did the city of Malmö rent out a municipal property for this bigoted nonsense?

The contact person for the event was: Edin Limani 
By Chanah Shapira

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Flotilla—Mankell Sails Again

The Local reports that Henning Mankell, the Swedish thriller writer, has announced that he will be cruising along with a group of Swedish nationals on the next Gaza flotilla. Twenty Swedes are expected to join the cruise to Gaza at the end of June. As in last year’s event, the Swedish government will be represented unofficially by the participation of a Swedish parliamentarian.

The ISM (International Solidarity Movement) has requested “experienced” and “non-violent” protesters to sail with 1,000 passengers and crew aboard two ships in the flotilla. They will be screening applications for non-violence, because last year the IHH failed to do so. In fact, IHH seemed to have recruited the opposite kind of “protester”—the kind which knew that cutting up ship railings would add to the knives and clubs already in their arsenal. Bad P.R. hit the Flotilla when this “protest activity” was caught on ship security video and aired by the BBC’s Panorama program.

The Local states that: “Israeli marines swarmed aboard the Turkish flagship of the flotilla bound for Gaza, killing nine Turks in international waters “. Maybe the Local’s editors should watch the BBC documentary—if they did they would see that the Israelis did not “swarm” but rappelled down from helicopters, one at a time, with paintball guns for riot control. On deck they were met by “protesters” who not only beat them with the cut-up ship railings, but knifed them, threw them off the top deck, and shot at them with a seized weapon. Only after the attempted lynchings did the Israeli commandoes resort to firing on the “protesters” with handguns.

The Local also reprinted Mankell’s old sneering challenge to the Israeli military, "What will happen next year when we come back with hundreds of boats? Will (Israel) fire a nuclear bomb?" Seems the Local still sees Mankell as a real threat to the IDF!

In response, many talkbacks took a poke at Mankell—here are a few:

“Now I remember him telling how he saw activists of the last flotilla being shot while sleeping... when the truth is that he was on board the Sofia, a vessel in which nobody was shot.”

“Hope they all know how to swim. Hypocrites!”

“Pro Terrorist and Proud of it ! Wow.......”

“We could have a fundraising party to purchase a TORPEDO for the Israeli navy to sink the ship and get rid of every self appointed, hypocritical, annoying, pontificating lunatic in Europe, all in one go.”

Let’s hope this year’s Flotilla is the last!

By Chanah Shapira

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Big Mall Opening Soon in Gaza

Photo credit: ISAFA
More News You Won’t See in the Swedish Press
Despite the much-bemoaned Israeli blockade which is supposedly preventing the Gaza population from rebuilding, somehow a Gaza developer has managed to scrape together enough concrete to build an even bigger mall this year than the one which opened up in Gaza last summer.  The 3,000 square meter, 3-story complex will include a large supermarket on the first level, with shops, dining, children’s entertainment and a movie theatre on the upper levels.  The construction, which began in August of 2010 and has progressed smoothly and without interruption in the flow of building supplies, is expected to be complete by next month.
Once again, the alleged shortages of consumer and construction goods in Gaza are shown to be a function not of Israeli control, but of Hamas management. This mall would not have been built without the approval of the Hamas government—it’s hard to imagine that this project could have gone ahead without some financial advantage to the powers that be in Gaza.  As the totalitarian authority in Gaza, Hamas is responsible for the welfare of its people—those who lack can point to Hamas, not Israel, for their woes.
By Chanah Shapira

Monday, May 23, 2011

Upcoming Sweden-Israel Handball Match— More Violent Protests than 2009 Davis Cup?

The following preliminary information is for a Sweden-Israel handball match which is to take place in Karlskrona, Sunday, June 12.

According to information from the Israel Friends group in the city of Karlskrona in southern Sweden, there is already an unbridled propaganda war against Israel. The match is to be held on June 12, and distribution of flyers and posters has already whipped up feelings of hatred. There are clear signs that the anti-Israeli demonstrations might be better organized than those at the tennis match in Malmo 2009. The earlier match  was accompanied by a massive police presence due to security considerations—even though the authorities prohibited spectators from attending the game. PGS [Palestinian Solidarity Group] chapters from all over Sweden are planning massive presence, as well as various Muslim, extreme left and Nazi groups (Nazis are strong in Karlskrona).

According to the flyers, PGS head Per Gahrton (formerly of the Green and Liberal Parties) will speak in front of the stadium at 5:00 p.m. (game starts at 6:00 p.m.) PGS therefore, are publishing this information BEFORE they get police permission for the demonstration

For more information on the Karlskrona-based Nazi organization:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chaos Continues In Malmö

Two bombs have been set off in central Malmö further indicating the lack of security in the city.
Picture: Johan Nilsson/Scanpix
On May 10th Gökboet on Lilla Torg in Malmö became the target of an explosion, which severely damaged the popular restaurant in one of Malmö’s hotspots. The bomb was detonated during the night and the Malmö police could not identify who the perpetrators were or the motives of the attack. One man was injured in the blast and had to be taken to the hospital.
Police commenting the attack stated that “What we know is that an explosion has taken place…” The event was later classified as “devastation endangering the public”.
Not even a week later, on May 16th another popular restaurant and events facility called “the Boat” (located in Malmö harbor) became the next target of yet another bomb attack. The police’s comment on the explosion was that “there are no signs of threat”; also this time the attack was classified as “devastation endangering the public.”
Shootings, burnings, looting, bomb attacks as well as attacks against minorities all seem to be part of daily life for Malmö’s citizens. It is too frighteningly obvious how off-handedly the police seem to be handling the situation. One can only wonder what will follow next. 
Chances are that the authorities will continue to use empty and useless descriptions of crimes in order to avoid dealing with the real causes of violence and crime in Malmö.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Confession: We Watched Eurovision Semi-Finals

But, in self-defense, we only saw about six acts…including Dana International in a great dress!
We noticed something freaky (in addition to the pointy hats on the Moldovans)—each contestant country had a little intro clip highlighting someone from that country, and in almost each case we saw they were filmed in Germany (where the song contest was held)…except for Sweden.
The Swedish clip was filmed in Sweden and featured Swedes dressed as Vikings, Swedish women in traditional peasant costumes, people with Swedish flags painted on their faces—in short, everyone  looked hyper-Swedish!
Isn’t it strange that in a country which claims to be so multi-culti no one in the clip wore traditional Islamic dress? No mosques in the background?
It looks as if Sweden went out of its way to show only the most Swedish side of Sweden, without those other immigrant people.  Freaky!
And here is the link to the Swedish act—which looks also typically Swedish if you figure Sweden looks mostly like the Local’s bar scene photo galleries.

By: Chanah Shapira

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ongoing Swedish Hypocisy:

FM Bildt Approves of  Bin Laden Assassination
Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt (Moderate) expressed his approval of the assassination of Osama bin Laden yesterday. The Swedish press, including SvD  quotes Bildt’s remarks which were made in English:
Just a little twitter...and not in Swedish
- “A world without Osama bin Laden is a better world. – Hans hat var ett hot mot oss alla, tilläggerHis hatred was a threat to us all".

Did Bildt make a statement to the press in front of the cameras? No indeed, his grand statement was a sent out via Twitter. According to our source, Bildt is in Nablus today chatting with the Palestinian Authority. The PA is working towards unity with the Hamas terror organization. Maybe that’s why Bildt limited his remarks to a little tweet?
Urban Ahlin, the Social Democrats’ foreign policy spokesman, made more extensive remarks in Aftonbladet.  Ahlin was quick to predict that there would be no repercussions of violence in the Muslim world due to the assassination:
- “Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader; he was a leader of a terrorist network. Possibly, there will be an impact locally in Pakistan, where bin Laden was, but I do not think unrest will break out in other locations, such as in Afghanistan,"
How Ahlin came to this finely-sliced conclusion is unknown. The pattern of revenge attacks following targeted killings of terrorists is a standard feature of Islamic terror organizations.  The U.S. has issued travel warnings for Americans abroad.
As a matter of record, Sweden, like other EU countries, failed to vote against the 2004 UN Human Rights Commission resolution condemning Israel for the targeted assassination of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Yassin ordered numerous lethal suicide bombings against Israeli civilians.
Yassin was Israel’s bin Laden—those who failed to condemn the UNHRC resolution, but approve of the U.S. assassination of Osama bin Laden are simply hypocrites.

By Chanah Shapira

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sweden Cited for Failing to Pursue Nazi War Criminals

This morning, on Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel office states that nine nations have failed to prosecute known Nazis. A last global push was begun in 2002 to bring Nazis to justice, wherever they may have found refuge. Nations which ignored the call for justice include Syria, Austria and Lithuania. Of the nine, two have legislation which blocks prosecution. Both Sweden and Norway have a 25-year statute of limitations for criminal prosecution.  This law has effectively given Swedish and Norwegian Nazis and their collaborators a free pass since the 1970s.
In a previous statement, Zuroff remarked:
-“There are two European countries where we cannot investigate or prosecute Nazi criminals. In Norway and Sweden there is a statute of limitations on murder of twenty-five years. Even if Heinrich Muller, the head of the Gestapo, were to surface in one of these countries, we would not be able to do anything about it."
Although the Swedes were technically neutral during WWII, the Swedes sold war materials to the Germans.  Sweden harbored active collaborators with the Nazis after the war. Swedish Queen Sylvia’s German father was a member of the Nazi party, and produced weapons at a Berlin factory confiscated from a German Jew. Several hundred Swedes served as volunteers in the SS.
Zuroff says that these countries “refuse in principle to investigate, let alone prosecute, suspected Nazi war criminals because of legal (statute of limitation) or ideological restrictions.”
Legislation is flexible—if Sweden and Norway had wanted to make an exception to the statute of limitations for Holocaust crimes, the legislature could have modified the law. The fact that there was no will to do so is significant.  This failure to pursue Nazi war criminals has its parallel today in the lack of will to act effectively against hate crime targeting Jews in Sweden today.
By Chanah Shapira

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Israel’s Holocaust Day 2011—Remember or Replay?

Terrorist Leila Khaled Speaks at Swedish Union Celebration

Arutz 7 reports that a Swedish trade union has invited PFLP terrorist Leila Khaled, who was convicted for her part in hijacking an El Al airliner 1970. Khaled also took part in the 1969 hijacking of a TWA flight in which two Israeli passengers were held hostage for 44 days after the plane was forced to land in Damascus.

Ms Khaled is the May Day celebrations guest of the Stockholm branch of trade union SAC - Syndikalisterna. However, the SAC refers to Khaled, not as a terrorist, but in celebrity terms and as a “Palestinian freedom fighter”. Khaled joins the list of other “activists” including the “representatives of the project Ship to Gaza” who were feted by the SAC for delivering minimal and mostly useless aid cargo to Gaza. According the trade union’s website:

-“Khaled is a world-renowned secular activist, fighting her entire life for equality…and a free Palestine…[SAC] is also member of the project Ship to Gaza aimed at the peaceful break the blockade of Gaza and the delivery of relief supplies to the Gaza population.”

Referring to the PFLP activist as “secular” and fighting for “equality” is deceptive. The Arutz7 article describes the 1969 multiple hijacking Khaled participated in:
-“Crew members and 56 Jews were segregated and held, while the majority of passengers (310) were freed.” If Khaled is secular, why was there this religious selection? This pattern was repeated in the PFLP/Baader Meinhof Entebbe hijacking of 1976—after landing in Entebbe, all non-Jewish passengers were freed:

“The hijackers deliberately sorted the hostages into two groups—Israeli nationals and others, or Jews and Gentiles. As they did so a Holocaust survivor showed [German terrorist Wilfred] Böse a camp registration number tattooed on his arm, Böse protested "I'm no Nazi! ... I am an idealist.”

The parallel to Nazi camp selections is not coincidental. Palestinian and Arab participation with the Nazis is well-documented. A recent book by David Patterson titled A Genealogy of Evil  discusses what Jerusalem Post reviewer (and Holocaust survivor) Alexander Zvielli describes as “an inextricable link between Nazi ideology, the exploitation of Jew-hatred and Islamic jihad’s ideological foundations.” The “secular” nature of the PFLP is less evident than its similarities to jihadist terror groups. Khaled’s slain partner in the multiple hijacking was referred to as a “martyr” in a video of demands made by the Dawson’s Field terrorists.

We may find it hard to understand why anyone supported the Nazis. On the other hand, the celebrity status given by SAC to a convicted and unrepentant terrorist like Leila Khaled is an insight into how evil attracts.

This year, we focus on the link between Islamists and Nazis, and ask you to remember the Jews of Islamic countries who also suffered from Nazi pogroms, brutal internment, and ultimately expulsion from their centuries-old communities.

If you are interested in protesting Leila Khaled’s appearance at Stockholm’s Labor Day Celebrations, here is the number for the trade union-- Press Contact 0762286309


By Chanah Shapira