Monday, May 30, 2011

Anti-Israel Lecture in Malmö Public Venue

Followers of Harun Yahya (a.k.a.  Adnan Oktar) advocating Koranic creationism have been touring Europe and lectured in Malmö yesterday. The lecture was held at "Folkets Hus" (People's House), a municipal venue and conference center in Malmö. The event was apparently in cooperation with the "Ahel Al Sunnah" congregation in Helsingborg (about one hour from Malmö).
Yahya is also a Holocaust denier—he wrote a book titled Holocaust Deception: The Secret History of the Zionist-Nazi Collaboration and the True Story of the 'Jewish Holocaust’ which was the first major Holocaust denial work published in Turkey.

In 2008 Yahya produced a suave but highly fake account of why Zionism is a.) another product of the Darwinism he denounces and b.) nothing that actual religious Jews believe in. The video (below)shows a handful of Neturei Karta lunatics as "the real Jews".  This group is so anti-Israel that they went to be useful idiots at an Iranian anti-Zionist conference.  They are a tiny fringe group which is in no way representative of any stream of normative Judaism.

When Yahya says that no real religious Jews are Zionists that is a lie, as evidenced by the large pro-Israel religious streams in Israel and abroad.
The Anti-Defamation League calls Harun Yahya:
“an anti-Semitic Turkish writer who denounces Zionism as a fascist movement akin to Nazism, as well as ‘a racist and colonialist ideology’that is based on ‘Social Darwinism.’"
On top if it all, "the Turkish courts, under pressure from Harun Yahya...banned WordPress" because there are anti-Yahya blogs on WordPress, reports a blogger.While Yahya’s movement is described as anti-Darwinian, it’s also just plain old Islamist anti-Zionism. So why did the city of Malmö rent out a municipal property for this bigoted nonsense?

The contact person for the event was: Edin Limani 
By Chanah Shapira

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