Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Big Mall Opening Soon in Gaza

Photo credit: ISAFA
More News You Won’t See in the Swedish Press
Despite the much-bemoaned Israeli blockade which is supposedly preventing the Gaza population from rebuilding, somehow a Gaza developer has managed to scrape together enough concrete to build an even bigger mall this year than the one which opened up in Gaza last summer.  The 3,000 square meter, 3-story complex will include a large supermarket on the first level, with shops, dining, children’s entertainment and a movie theatre on the upper levels.  The construction, which began in August of 2010 and has progressed smoothly and without interruption in the flow of building supplies, is expected to be complete by next month.
Once again, the alleged shortages of consumer and construction goods in Gaza are shown to be a function not of Israeli control, but of Hamas management. This mall would not have been built without the approval of the Hamas government—it’s hard to imagine that this project could have gone ahead without some financial advantage to the powers that be in Gaza.  As the totalitarian authority in Gaza, Hamas is responsible for the welfare of its people—those who lack can point to Hamas, not Israel, for their woes.
By Chanah Shapira

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