Saturday, May 14, 2011

Confession: We Watched Eurovision Semi-Finals

But, in self-defense, we only saw about six acts…including Dana International in a great dress!
We noticed something freaky (in addition to the pointy hats on the Moldovans)—each contestant country had a little intro clip highlighting someone from that country, and in almost each case we saw they were filmed in Germany (where the song contest was held)…except for Sweden.
The Swedish clip was filmed in Sweden and featured Swedes dressed as Vikings, Swedish women in traditional peasant costumes, people with Swedish flags painted on their faces—in short, everyone  looked hyper-Swedish!
Isn’t it strange that in a country which claims to be so multi-culti no one in the clip wore traditional Islamic dress? No mosques in the background?
It looks as if Sweden went out of its way to show only the most Swedish side of Sweden, without those other immigrant people.  Freaky!
And here is the link to the Swedish act—which looks also typically Swedish if you figure Sweden looks mostly like the Local’s bar scene photo galleries.

By: Chanah Shapira

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