Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chaos Continues In Malmö

Two bombs have been set off in central Malmö further indicating the lack of security in the city.
Picture: Johan Nilsson/Scanpix
On May 10th Gökboet on Lilla Torg in Malmö became the target of an explosion, which severely damaged the popular restaurant in one of Malmö’s hotspots. The bomb was detonated during the night and the Malmö police could not identify who the perpetrators were or the motives of the attack. One man was injured in the blast and had to be taken to the hospital.
Police commenting the attack stated that “What we know is that an explosion has taken place…” The event was later classified as “devastation endangering the public”.
Not even a week later, on May 16th another popular restaurant and events facility called “the Boat” (located in Malmö harbor) became the next target of yet another bomb attack. The police’s comment on the explosion was that “there are no signs of threat”; also this time the attack was classified as “devastation endangering the public.”
Shootings, burnings, looting, bomb attacks as well as attacks against minorities all seem to be part of daily life for Malmö’s citizens. It is too frighteningly obvious how off-handedly the police seem to be handling the situation. One can only wonder what will follow next. 
Chances are that the authorities will continue to use empty and useless descriptions of crimes in order to avoid dealing with the real causes of violence and crime in Malmö.

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