Sunday, January 9, 2011

Foreign Radical Islamists Issue Death Threat against Swedish Kurd

The Tundra Tabloids blog picks up a recent report by the Swedish English-language daily the Local covering another case of Islamists attempting to impose their version of justice in Europe. In this case, the Islamist “justice” is represented by a fatwa death threat directed against a Swedish Kurdish poet by Islamists in northern Iraq.
The fatwa was issued in response to a work penned by the Swedish-Kurdish poet, who filed a complaint with police authorities. The poem, supporting the cause of women's rights, was published in the Kurdish region of Iraq as the Local reports.
The Tundra Tabloids quotes:
-“A mullah criticized the poem at a Friday prayer in Iraq and prayed to Allah for revenge through the death of the poet, according to a video on YouTube. The threat was made by telephone. Police in Värmland have remained silent regarding the threatened Kurdish poet.”
The Kurdish poet wishes to remain anonymous, and the police are not releasing the identity of the poet, and will not disclose details of their investigation. It seems the poet has not requested police protection; this cannot be verified as the authorities will not comment regarding whether or not they are providing protective surveillance in this case.

The case has been reviewed by the Swedish chapter of International PEN, a world-wide association of writers who are concerned about freedom of speech issues. PEN members are working against the increased number of threats against writers as well as intellectuals around the world.  On their website PEN states:
“International PEN brings together writers, journalists, poets – all those using the written word to promote ideas – in the common belief that it is through this sharing that bridges of understanding can be built between peoples...The freedom to express ideas without fear of attack, arrest or other persecution – has been at the heart of International PEN's work since it was formed in 1921.”
This is a far cry from those who call for a fatwa to silence opinions. In fact, PEN members are in contact with several writers who currently are living in exile in Sweden under death threats similar to that of the Swedish-Kurdish poet.
As readers of this blog know, the most famous outspoken artist against Islam in Sweden is Lars Vilks; he lives under constant police protection and on many occasions has been the target of personal and property attacks and threats. It is unconscionable that anyone who has been granted residence or citizenship in Sweden should threaten the life and well-being of any Swedish citizen who is expressing himself in accord with the freedom of speech—a cornerstone of Western democracy.

It is an even greater offense that parties outside Sweden should dictate vigilante death sentences which they assume will be carried out by followers on location in Sweden.  This is a key issue in cases of “home-grown” terrorism—that citizens are following the orders of foreign agents.  Anyone who obeys this fatwa can only be described as a traitor to Sweden, and the ideals of democratic society. 

By: Sara and Chanah Shapira

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