Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Swedish Media Ignore Goldstone's Retraction of Report Conclusions

Today, Tundra Tabloids is running an English translation of an excellent op-ed by Ted Ekeroth (Sweden Democrats) on Judge Richard Goldstone's about-face on the UNHRC report condemning Israel. There's no surprise for regular readers that the Swedish media barely reported the retraction. Goldstone has finally confessed that Israel was targeting rocket launchers, not civilians, claiming that this information was somehow unavailable at the time the report was written. Goldstone also admitted that the report mandate was biased, and that Hamas has done absolutely nothing to investigate charges against it.
The Jerusalem Post  had this memorable quote from a prominent member of Goldstone's South African home communitywhich ostracized Goldstone following the publishing of the report:
-“'There’s a famous story about a man standing up...and saying somebody’s sister is a prostitute,' David Hersch, national vice chairman of the South African Zionist Federation, said.
“'Then it turns out not only that she isn’t a prostitute, but that he doesn’t even have a sister. But the rumor is out there. This is the same thing.'”
It seems that regarding the UNHRC Goldstone report, the Swedish media prefers to stick to the prostitute story. And as Ekeroth writes, this kind of Israel-bashing only leads to more anti-Semitismas Malmö’s Mayor Ilmar Reepalu knows only too well.
By Chanah Shapira

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