Sunday, June 19, 2011

Swedish Ship To Gaza—“No Basis In Reality”

Two days ago Per Gudmundsson wrote an interesting op-ed in Svenska Dagbladet (Svd)  where he correctly stated that the Swedish Ship to Gaza movement isn’t based in reality.
It was recently revealed by the Turkish Ship to Gaza organization, IHH, that the envoy which was planning to set sail from Turkey to the Gaza Strip this summer might be cancelled. According to the IHH, the cancellations are due to ongoing problems  of the “Arab Spring”, with the predominating issue being the slaughter of thousands of civilians in neighboring Syria. Due to the ongoing massacres currently taking place in Syria, Turkey has received a large stream of refugees and this has with no doubt affected the Turks and their “humanitarian priorities”.  
While Swedish Radio’s foreign correspondent to the Middle East, Cecilia Udden reported in May that the material shortcomings aren’t a problem in Gaza, the Swedish Ship to Gaza movement still claims that Israel currently is the largest humanitarian problem in the region. This, even though the Israeli government currently is the only country in the region which allows for democratic freedoms similar to what exists in Sweden.
As Gudmundsson argued, the Ship to Gaza movement could not care less about the Arab Spring violence and deaths or the dictators in the Middle East who now are executing innocent civilians. Nor do they care that the border with Egypt to the Gaza strip is open. Instead the prefer to obsess over the arms smuggling blockade between Israel and the Gaza strip showing that human rights clearly is not the base of their agenda.   
The positive news are that the Israelis might not have to worry about another ship of Jihadi warriors sent from Turkey. The bad news are that they still have to waste time redirecting a boat of simple-minded Swedes who claim to be fighting for human rights, while in reality this is far away from their true agenda.

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  1. The Swedish ship is led by no other than Dror Feiler, a former Israeli and a red-diaper baby who, with his Swedish Wife, came up with the abject an infamous exhibit of "Snowhite" to glorify a female suicide bomber in a pool of blood. For that kin d of person, the line between good and evil is dangerously blurred and you never what he might do next. At the moment, he is still supposedly trying to get to Gaza.