Thursday, December 6, 2012

EJC Warns of Danger to Sweden's Jews

 Also: Swedish artist used stolen human ashes for "art"     

Continuing Attacks on Malmö Jewry

The EJC's president, Dr. Moshe Kantor has declared that the Malmö  Jewish community is "dying of 'a thousand cuts.'" The EJC (and Arutz Sheva) report on the worsening situation in Sweden for Jews and the particular danger for Malmo's Jews. In recent days, two Jewish women were robbed of Jewish items and swastikas were were painted on their doors. The harassment continued over three days--swastikas were repainted on the second day and garbage hurled at the doors on the third. Police were called several times, but in Mayor Reepalu's town there isn't much deterrence, apparently:

-"The situation is intolerable for Jews in Malmo, and every week we hear of another attack,” said EJC President Dr. Moshe Kantor....
-"The attacks against Jews should be seen in their entirety and there is a concerted attempt to rid certain areas in Sweden, if not the whole country, of Jews,”

The EJC report also noted:
-"The incident came on the heels of an attack on a synagogue in Malmo, a vicious attack on a rabbi in the street and several assaults carried out against the Jewish community in the last couple of months, Kantor added."

While the EJC is planning to request a meeting with the Prime Minister on the subject, we find it hard to believe that any significant action will result. As a note, The Local did not cover the attack--perhaps a sign that the official media generally prefers to sweep the items under the rug.

Note on Swedish "Kultur": Currently on display in a gallery in Lund is a picture which was created using human ashes stolen from the Majdanek Nazi death camp. (Blogpost photo shows ash mound memorial at Majdanek). Regardless of how the artist and gallery choose to spin this opus, the theft of human remains, use for a work to be sold for personal use or gain, and the public display of such on object are totally unconscionable. The artist and gallery must apologize and hand over the remains for respectful burial.

Chanah Shapira

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