Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mayor Reepalu Keeps Inventing New Fallacies

A month ago Malmö’s Social Democratic mayor Ilmar Reepalu compared anti-Semitism in his city with Zionism. After much criticism he said that he had been misquoted. Thereafter he admitted that he had expressed himself in an inconvenient way and now he argues that people purposely are campaigning against him. It gets continuously worse…

Reepalu, the strong man of Malmö, who is fifteen years in office does not seem to be able to get anything right in this matter. A good summary on the Reepalu affair can be found here.

He now complains that he feels threatened. Today in the Swedish magazine Resumé, Reepalu says that he has received letters with pictures of magnum revolvers.

There, he also argues that Svante Weyler’s latest broadcast about him on Swedish national radio SR in “God morgon, Världen” is extremely serious and he is considering to complain to the police. Weyler however, do not regret the harsh criticism of Reepalu.

Yesterday, Denmark’s national TV channel 2 interviewed Repaalu about his much criticized statements on anti-Semitism in Malmö.

Reepalu there stated: “You encounter many people, which one can call the Israeli lobby and who aren’t interested in what I say and what I think but rather want to ascribe me lots of opinions”.

The Danish reporter then asked Jeshua Kaufman, spokesperson for the Malmö Jewish community his opinion about Reepalu’s statement that there is an Israeli lobby which tries to portray him negatively. Kaufman answered: “I hope this is not what he said or that it is a misunderstanding”.

One increasingly wonders whether Reepalu is capable of understanding what he himself is saying? He also told Resumé that “the threat against me is more serious than ever and reminds me a lot about the month before Olof Palme was killed.

One can only hope that this was not what he referred to when he claimed to Danish TV that there is an Israeli lobby out to get him. If it is that what he really meant he has already prepared the ground for taking his scandalous behaviour yet another stage further.


  1. What a vile little man. For years he allows Jewish residents of his city to be harrassed IN PERSON, and now that he gets a dose of this in the mail he comes crying to the media? What coward.