Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Intifada has also reached Swedish Colleges

As I have explained earlier in this blog anti-israeli-propaganda-group-recruits.html , anti-Israel propaganda is currently being spread around university campuses in Sweden. The movie “Crossing the Line: The Intifada Comes to Campus” describes the anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic situation in North American colleges. While the movie deals with the U.S., it is also applicable to the Swedish arena as the same thing is taking place in Sweden.

The video from this link is for a trailer of  the movie. The full movie can be found here.

As noted on Israeli site Arutz 7 “the film looks at the financial ties between Middle Eastern Studies departments in America’s universities and the Arab states that often fund them – and the pro- Palestinian Authority education received by the students who attend college classes in those universities.” The movie also, “explores the connection between the Muslim Student Association and the Muslim Brotherhood”.

More information about the film can be found here.

Anti-Israeli groups that are functioning in Sweden’s universities use these milieus to recruit and plan new strategies. But it doesn’t stop here—last year the Social Democrats youth group (SSU) actually went out of its way, in connection to the Davis Cup Game in Malmö, to spread Israel hate in Swedish schools. Their planned strategy was to go around to different schools in Sweden and boycott Israel and Israeli athletes with the help of Hamas propaganda.

The anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic environment is not confined to campuses in the U.S.—it  lives and prospers in Sweden. Not only are these activities virtually unchecked, but, in fact, they receive funding aid from the government. One example of this is the organization JIPF which in Sweden used to visit schools in order to “inform” students about Israelis and Palestinians and the possibility for peace. They called it the ”School project, let’s talk about peace”, and it is financed by the municipal Education Department in Stockholm. The groups claims to be unbiased as it has representatives from both Jewish (not Israeli!) as well Palestinian individuals. One example which shows the that organization has a disturbing agenda concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be found on the groups homepage where JIPF writes about an Hamas leader:

"Most Important Points in Prime Minister Designate Haniye's Speech to Parliant"

2. Protecting the Palestinian people’s right to self-defense in opposing occupation. (ie: the Palestinian peoples' right to conduct terror attacks) 

More in depth information about the JIPF’s anti-Israeli agenda can be found here.

By watching the movie “Crossing the Line- The intifada comes to campus” one gets a greater understanding of how the anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic environment looks in the US. Just keep in mind that the same “movie scenario” is playing in Sweden.

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