Friday, April 16, 2010

Nalin Pekgul: Muslims Immigrants Responsible for Anti-Semitism in Malmö

In a recent interview with Sweden’s national Channel 2 (SVT 2), Nalin Pekgul, head of the National Federation of Social Democratic Women in Sweden, talked about immigrant-related problems in Swedish politics and also stated that there are radical Muslims in all the Swedish parties who are involved in the harassment of Jews in Malmö today.

According to Pekgul, who is a Muslim of Kurdish ethnicity, and an active politician in the Swedish Social Democrat Party, there is a political problem in Sweden today. Many Muslim immigrants in Sweden brought conflicts from their home countries with them when they moved to Sweden. Once these conflicts are brought into Sweden, they are escalated, which according to her is a dangerous development. Pekgul also warns of a “ethnification” of politics where groups in the Swedish political system are set against each other based on their ethnical belonging, This negative notion is, as reported by Swedish channel 2 (SVT2) also shared by Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt (Moderate).

In the TV interview Pekgul also discussed the issue of radical Muslims seeking to use politics to promote their radical goals, such as instating Sharia law into the Swedish society. She also feels that these radical Muslims are the ones who are behind the recent upswing in anti-Semitism in Malmö. The radical Muslims, according to her, exist within all Swedish parties as well as her own, the Social Democrats. While her party, as she mentions in the interview, does not tolerate any forms of extremism, she also admits that there are local [Social Democratic] associations, which in order to get a place in the municipality or county, align themselves with such extreme forces - “You give me some votes and you will get a space to voice your opinion”.

Perhaps Pekgul is hinting about Ilmar Reepalu. It is known that a large percentage of the inhabitants in Malmö are Muslim and by taking a strong stance against Israel and the Jews, an issue which lies close to heart for Malmö’s many Middle Eastern immigrants, Malmö’s Mayor can be sure to get many votes from Muslim sympathisers.

But at what cost?

Nalin Pekgul also argues that today Swedish political parties are so eager to get immigrants to join them that their demands on the foreign-born individuals are lower than what is expected of their Swedish-born counter parts. At the same time “Swedish politicians are very naïve, their problem is that they blindly believe anyone that, for example, say that they might speak for tolerance and equality. “They [Swedish politicians] don’t realize that the same persons who initially state this on TV or in front of other politicians, may very well turn around and say something completely different to their own ethnic group.”

It is true that Sweden sees itself as a multicultural society, but to what extent should the Swedish state bend over backwards to fit the needs and demands of the many immigrants which constantly flow into the country? It is apparent that Sweden needs to either reduce the flow of immigrants or spend more money on integrating immigrants to understand that “when in Rome do as the Romans”. Otherwise Sweden will soon operate as part of “Eurabia” where only Arabs rules apply.

Source: Swedish Channel 2 (SVT 2)

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