Monday, August 23, 2010

In Upside-down Malmö, It’s Now Easier than Ever to Be an Illegal Immigrant!

The Local reported last week on a recent decision in Mayor Ilmar Reepalu’s Social Democrat fiefdom. Malmö has just eased the way for even more non-integrating immigrants. How has Malmö managed to increase its social problems and unrest in one simple policy change? The Local notes that:

-“The municipality of Malmö will no longer print the personal identification numbers of marrying couples on the lists of upcoming civil weddings in a move which will make it harder for border police to hunt for illegal immigrants at weddings. “

In short, one of the key tools for weeding out illegal immigrants is to check their personal identification number and details. This was done by transferring a list of impending nuptials including i.d. numbers, essential to the police for verification of legal immigration status.

Now the police will no longer receive these lists with the personal i.d. numbers, although they can request the numbers by submitting a “proof of impediment”, presumably on a case-by-case basis.

City Hall has its rationale, as expressed by Tomas Bärring, the secretariat director:

-"We have had a discussion and came to the conclusion that we want to protect the personal sphere."

The result of this intimate little chat is that it is now infinitely easier for immigrants to marry illegals (or as illegals)—and then disappear back into the lawless immigrant neighborhoods where the situation is already strained. These neighborhoods are the source of a high percentage of crimes in Sweden, including arson, rape, theft, hate crime and gang wars. They are the result of a failing immigration policy in Sweden generally; in Malmö the problem of lawlessness is particularly bad.

Reepalu’s strategy is to throw bones like this lax policy change (and anti-Israel sentiments) around in the hopes that this will create “understanding”—or at least buy votes in the Muslim immigrant sector for himself and fellow Social Democrats in the upcoming elections. But no matter who wins, once the elections are over the same reality will be staring Malmö in the face—how to cope with a non-integrated and growing population which is largely unemployed, uneducated, and which neither shares Sweden’s purported democratic values, nor respects them.

Avoiding the arrest of illegal immigrants solves no problems for Malmö—it only increases them. According to scholar Daniel Pipes, Malmö is speeding its way toward becoming possibly the first Western European city with a Muslim majority. The question is whether it will be a city where all residents are respected, or whether today’s hate crimes and subsequent departure of a number of Jews from Malmö are just the beginning of the departure of the West and Western values from Malmö.

By : Chanah Shapira

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  1. Yes, and we can count on Daniel Pipes as an unbiased source of information in these matters...NOT!