Friday, August 27, 2010

New Fund Proposed for Groups at Risk—Including Malmö’s Jews

During this past week public health minister Maria Larsson (KD) visited the Jewish Community in Malmö. She came in order to talk about the Chrisitian Democrats’ proposal for a new fund which will help provide security arrangements for exposed groups such as the Jews in Malmö.

The Christian Democrats in Malmö have introduced the new initiative for a fund to which exposed minorities can apply for aid. The fund will ease the pressure on small communities—such as the Jewish community in Malmö—which yearly have to pay large security expenses (a third of the budget) in order to keep the members of the community safe.

The leader of the Christian Democrats in Malmö has stated that his party, together with the other allied parties, wants to put forward the motion in the city council after the election. He also stated “that a fund to strengthen the security measures would show that the city is taking responsibility in order to create safety in Malmö.”

If the new fund would become a reality this would greatly ease the high costs that the Malmö Jewish community is dealing with today. A third of the Malmö Jewish community’s expenses are today channeled towards security arrangements, an unsustainable formula for a continuously shrinking community.
Public health minister Maria Larsson of the Christian Democrats is one out of many ministers who have paid visits lately to the targeted Jewish community in Malmö. Larsson herself commented, “I am here to follow up on what has happened. Malmö has a big responsibility to make sure that legal rights are upheld and that everyone can live in a safe and democratic society.”

During 2010 the Malmö Jewish community and its members have been exposed to several attacks. The latest one was when explosive material was set off  outside the community synagogue and shattered several windows in the building. The Jewish community certainly would appreciate this initiative, which, if put into effect, would mean that the government is finally shouldering its responsibility to protect all of its citizens. It is high time for the small and beleaguered Malmö Jewish community to get real government assistance in paying for its heavy security expenses.

But more importantly, the government must develop a clear policy to deal with anti-Semitic hate crime—the root of the whole issue. Unless the authorities resolve to have a “no tolerance” policy on hate crime, the situation will only escalate. The current situation is bad enough to drive Jews out of Malmö now; without serious efforts to change the situation the authorities in Malmö will find that they have been treating the symptoms without recognizing or curing the actual disease—hate crime in Sweden.


  1. This is appalling. A country with a population of over 9,000,000 can't afford to protect a few hundred, mostly elderly citizens, that happen to be Jewish? Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) alone, spends over SEK 7 billion helping non-Swedish citizens all over the world. This is a duty of a democratic state to protect their law abiding citizens from criminal or ethnic prosecution. No new legal or financial instruments (like a proposed fond) are necessary for the Swedish state to fulfill its legal and moral obligations to its Jewish citizens. What is lacking, is the sufficient focus on the issue by Swedish political parties. If Chrisitian Democrats could help with that, it would be much more effective than creating a new fond.

    A. Lazer

  2. It really is time for all Jewish people to leave Sweden (and Norway, too). You are not wanted, the state is unable to guarantee your security and safety, it treats Jews with the same contempt as it shows Israel. The barometer of a country's social and economic strength is measured by its attitude towards it's Jewish citizens. I already boycott anything from Sweden (no more Volvo, Saab cars (I've owned both), IKEA, Akvavit and anything else. I boycott all Norwegian goods too. There is only one difference between the Fascist left International Socialism hatred towards Israel and the Nazi right National socialism hatred towards the Jews. Inter. Leave while you can and claim persecution as a minority, it is a fact! You will be welcomed in more civilised countries for the strengths Jewish people bring with them. Leave the two bastard countries to fill with their beloved Arabs and good riddance to bad rubbish

  3. completely agree with you martin