Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lars Ohly Fails to Differentiate Between Iran and Israel

Before the upcoming elections Party leaders of the Swedish government are all required to disclose their opinions about various political issues, including their favored positions for Sweden’s foreign relations. In a recent interview, the leader of the Swedish Left Party, Lars Ohly, said “it was impossible for him to choose between Iran and Israel in the dilemma the program hosts put in front of him.” 

That Lars Ohly is not a fan of Israel is no secret. During Operation Cast Lead in 2009, Ohly was spotted at an anti-Israel rally wearing a Palestinian-style scarf, with the added political touch of displaying a text in Arabic and a map on which Israel did not exist.  This was commented on by leader of the Liberal People’s Party, Jan Björklund, as perhaps the “most misguided decision by any Swedish politician in modern times”.

Well, now Ohly has done it again, in an interview with Swedish national Radio SR. Ohly was asked a line of questions—and he was given only two options to use in reply, such as “Jesus or Che Guevara” (Ohly chose Jesus). When asked if he would choose “Israel or Iran” Ohly stated that he wasn’t able to pick. After a short moment of hesitation he then started demonizing Israel and only mentioned one regretful comment about Iran.

It can only be described as perverse that Ohly, who aspires to become Sweden’s foreign minister if the opposition wins the fall election, fails to the see the difference between Iran and Israel. Iran is a theocratic country that is actively working to illegally arm itself with nuclear weapons and is a prime promoter of the spread of global terrorism. Israel, on the other hand, is the only true democracy in the Middle East and is the country which has the most in common with Sweden when it comes to values such as human rights and democratic freedoms, rights which Sweden highly values.

If Ohly cannot differentiate between a country that allows for the stoning of women and a country where democratic freedoms and international law are upheld, then it is highly inappropriate for Lars Ohly to remain the leader of the Left party or of any political party. It’s more than obvious that no Swedish government coalition should make him a minister of any kind.


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  2. It sounds crazy. First of all Israel is not going to wipe countries from the map. Then- maybe Israel is blamed for breaking of the international law, but at least it is not origin of terror and it is not threat for USA and Europe. I am very surprised by such behaviour of this Ohly and i think it is scary...