Monday, September 6, 2010

Göteborg Demonstration Promoting Israel Boycott

Last Friday a football game was played between Israel and Sweden at a football stadium in Sweden’s second largest city Göteborg. The game attracted some 150 demonstrators, who had gathered at the initiative of the leftist organization Proletären FF (Proletarians).

Due to the constant threat against Israeli football players the football arena had taken security measures and had several policemen present. It was also stated that both Jewish and Israeli interests had been taken into consideration in the security planning.

Outside the stadium demonstrators were heard shouting “Long live Palestine, crush Zionism” (Leve Palestina, krossa sionismen) as well as "Boycott Israel, long live Palestina” (Bojkotta Israel, leve Palestina) and "Yalla, Yalla the wall shall fall” (Yalla, yalla, muren ska falla). None of the demonstrators acted violently, despite the aggressive tone of the slogans.

During the demonstration the Proletären FF and the Left Party as well as the Socialist Justice party took the opportunity to hand out information. Leader for Proletären (the Proletarians), Bengt Frejd, also encouraged people to “cut all connections to the apartheid system in Israel”.

Happily, due to the low participation rate in the demonstration, it seems rather clear that the Israel haters in the Proletären FF, the Left Party as well as the Socialist Justice do not have a wide support in Göteborg.

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