Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Palestinian Groups in Sweden Oppose Peace with Israel

 Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are set to resume this week under the guidance of Hilary Clinton. While the world eagerly hopes to get positive outcomes from the talks there are those, including some organizations in Sweden, which strongly oppose any peace treaty between the Palestinians and Israel.

As widely published in Arabic media sources (and easily translated with Google Translate), in fact, “Over twenty Palestinian Arab organizations in Europe have signed a letter criticizing Mahmoud Abbas for negotiating with Israel, saying that he will sell out on Jerusalem and the ‘right of return’ without representing them.”
The petition letter further claimed that; “Abbas is covering up the Zionist killing of Palestinian Arabs, the Judaizing of Jerusalem, and the creation of ghettos for Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank, as well as collaborating with the Israelis”.

The letter concluded that the "Palestinian people" will certainly not tolerate any such moves.

Amongst these 20 organizations three were from Sweden. These “peace protesters” are: Sweden’s Palestinian Engineers Association, the Union of Palestinian Artists in Sweden, and the Union of Palestinian Teachers in Sweden.

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