Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Helle Klein finally resigns

With most of the Swedish media's focus being on the recent general elections, news unrelated to the elections is easily missed. However, it would have been quite a shame to miss a rare piece of rather encouraging news published in Aftonbladet. Apparently, political editor-in-chief Helle Klein, known for spending most of her time writing and publishing virulent, hate-filled articles about Israel, resigned some time ago. Good riddance! While her replacement, Karin Pettersson, is still an unknown force, this is still cause for celebration—one thing is certain: no one can be worse than Helle Klein.

By: Adam Eberhag

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  1. it is sad but we can see growth of anti-semitism (and islamophobia as well) all over the world, including such countries as spain, usa, uk. maybe it is connected to economical crisis.