Sunday, September 12, 2010

Failed terror attack in Denmark

It was during Friday afternoon that an unknown man in his 40s accidently set of an explosion in Hotel Jörgensen in Copenhagen. It is believed that the man’s real target was the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten which was responsible for publishing the “Mohammed Cartoons” some five years ago.

According to Danish newspaper Extra-Bladet, the man accidently set off his bomb inside a restroom in the hotel while on his way to Jyllands Posten. The newspaper has been under constant threats of terror since its decision to publish cartoons portraying the Islamic prophet Mohammed in 2005.

After the explosion in the hotel the unidentified man was seen running off into a nearby park. Due to his injuries—caused by the explosion—it was later possible to arrest the man. The terror suspect was confirmed as speaking perfect English and could be interrogated, but still he has refused to cooperate with the police .

The Danish police believe that the man was on his way to commit a terror attack against the newspaper’s premises since a map with Jyllands Posten’s location circled was confiscated from the man. A handgun has also been found in the same hotel where the man accidentally set off the explosion.

The event which played out on Friday in Denmark is classified as an attempted terror attack and should serve as a reminder to nearby Malmö, just over the bridge from Copenhagen, and the rest of Sweden too, that real terror threats do exist in Scandinavia.

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