Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sweden Democrats Walk Out on Government Inauguration Speech

Today at 2:00 p.m. Sweden’s newly elected minority government was inaugurated in a ceremony in the Storkyrkan church in Stockholm. Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt spoke about the bright future of Sweden and discussed Swedish foreign policy, including policy regarding Israel. During a speech given by bishop Eva Brunne concerning racism and tolerance representatives of the Sweden Democrats decided to walk out.
Among the speakers at the inauguration of the new government were the king of Sweden and Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. Reinfeldt will continue to lead the Swedish government, this time, however, with a minority representation. The new government will also include some new ministers—this consequently means that others have to leave the government
In his initial speech Reinfeldt spoke about the future of Sweden and what new policies will be adapted during the new governmental term. When speaking about collaboration in the EU and a strong UN he also mentioned when speaking about Israel:
-       That Israel’s settlements must stop but also that Israel have the right to live safely within their borders.

The inaugural ceremony, according to tradition, featured a speech in the Storkyrkan church by the current bishop. When Bishop Anne Brunne delivered her speech and spoke about racism and tolerance towards foreigners the delegation from the Swedish Democrats got up and left the church. Other members of parliament reacted strongly. The leader of the Social Democrats, Mona Sahlin saw it as “childish and immature”. Maria Wetterstrand, leader of the Green Party compared Jimmy Åkesson’s behaviour as to the one of the Iranian’s president.
Others such as leader of the Christian Democrats, Göran Hägglund, stated:
-It is highly inappropriate to act like this. What the bishop talked about was all people’s equal worth, and to leave your seat on this stage and march out, like they did demonstratively, shows what their basic views are”.
The Moderates group leader in the government, Anna Kinberg Batra also said she felt that the behavior of the Sweden Democrats in the church was exaggerated. In an interview she states:
”If you get so provoked when someone talks about all peoples’ equal rights that you get up and leave, you clearly show that you are an extreme party.”

The new government lead by Fredrik Reinfeldt will contain the following ministers:
- Fredrik Reinfeldt,  (M), Prime Minister (as before)
- Anders Borg (M), Finance Minister (as before)
- Carl Bildt M), Foreign Minister (as before)
- Beatrice Ask (M), Minister of Justice (as before)
- Maud Olofsson (C), Enterprise and Energy Minister (as before)- has to leave the post as vice Prime Minister to Jan Björklund (FP).
- Göran Hägglund (KD), Social Minister (as before)
- Jan Björklund (FP), Education Minister (as before) but also as new Vice Prime Minister.
- Sten Tolgfors (M), Defense Minister (as before).
- Tobias Billström (M), Migration Minister (as before)
- Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth (M), Culture and Sports Minister (as before)
- Andreas Carlgren (C), Environment Minister (as before)
- Nyamko Sabuni (FP), Minister of Equality (as before) and deputy Education Minister moves into the education department.
- Gunilla Carlsson (M), Minister of Aid (as before)
- Stefan Attefall (KD), NEW Civil Affairs and Housing Minister
- Ulf Kristersson (M), NEW Social Affairs Minister.
- Hillevi Engström (M), NEW Minister of the Labor Market.
- Erik Ullenhag (FP), NEW Integration Minister and Deputy Labor Market Minister.
- Anna-Karin Hatt (C), NEW IT and Regional Minister as well as deputy Enterprise Minister.
- Peter Norman (M), NEW Minister of the Finance Market
- Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd (M), NEW Minister of Infrastructure.  
- Birgitta Ohlsson (FP), EU Minister (as before)?
- Eskil Erlandsson (C), NEW “landsbygdsminister”- Minister of Rural Areas. (This is a new ministerial post).
- Maria Larsson KD), Minister of Children and Elderly (similar to her old post)
- Ewa Björling (M), Minister of trade (as before)

The new Swedish Government contains 24 Ministers whom 13 are Moderates, 4 from the People’s Party, 4 from the Center Party and 3 from the Christian Democrats. 13 are men and 11 are women.

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