Sunday, October 3, 2010

Israel Supporter Attacked in the Streets of Malmö

Over the weekend a 17-year-old youth was attacked by a 19-year-old man in the streets of Malmö. The reason: the 17-year-old had expressed sympathy for Israel’s right to exist on the Internet.
On Friday afternoon the 17-year-old was stopped in an open street in Malmö where he was punched in the face by the 19-year-old. The 17-year-old is a member of the youth organization for the political party the Christian Democrats. According to the Christian Democrats, the recent attack on one of their active members was the third in a row of assaults since the elections election campaign began this year.
The young man was walking home from school around 4:00 on Friday afternoon when he was stopped by the 19-year-old who asked:
- Are you X (name of the 17-year-old)?
- Yes, answered the 17-year-old.
- Why have you talked trash about Palestine?
- I haven’t.
- Stop lying to me otherwise I’ll punch you in the face.
The 19-year-old then slaps his victim in the face and says:
- I’ve seen it on Facebook.
The 19-year-old then punches the 17-year-old in the faces (with a closed fist) and runs off.
According to local newspaper Sydsvenskan the 19-year-old man was already arrested Saturday morning as he was easily tracked down via Facebook. On the social media website he had threatened the 17-year-old and written “You will die you Jew-lover”.
The 17-year-old, who is an active member of the Christian Democrats, denies that he has been “trash talking” Palestinians. He does, however, admit to publically stating on the internet that he supports Israel’s right to exist. He has also publically criticized Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu (who is known for critizising Israel and making controversial statements about Jews).
According to Malmö police spokesman, Mats Attin, the attack was most likely motivated by the young man’s stance in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. It can therefore be concluded that it currently is dangerous to publically and openly admit support for Israel if you are a resident of Malmö.

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