Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Integration minister Meets to Discuss Anti-Semitism in Sweden

Followers of this blog are well aware that there is widespread anti-Semitism in Sweden, which currently is very vaguely, if at all, handled or prevented by the Swedish government. Yesterday Sweden’s immigration minister Erik Ullenhag (Liberal People’s Party) met with representatives of Jewish organizations to talk about anti-Semitism.

New research done last fall by Sweden’s “Forum for Living History” (forum för levande historia) revealed signs that anti-Semitism in Sweden has not only increased in terms of active hate crimes against Jewish individuals, but rates of negative sentiments against Jews have also increased amongst Sweden’s youth population.

Yesterday, Erik Ullenhag met with Jewish organizations in order to talk about what can be done in order to prevent discrimination as well as anti-Semitism. An odd move as it is not the Jews who at the end of the day should be responsible for preventing discrimination as well as anti-Semitism from being conducted against them in the first place.

The fact that anti-Semitism is on the rise amongst young individuals in Sweden is a worrying sign.  It is important that leading politicians such as Ullenhag acknowledge this.
The meeting took place yesterday and was announced on the homepage of the Ministry of Labor.

What was said or concluded in the meeting is at this point unknown, as not one Swedish online media outlets has picked up on the story. One can only guess that anti-Semitism isn’t an interesting enough topic for the Swedish journalists anymore.

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