Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jewish Family Receives Death Threats in Malmö

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is presently in Malmö in order to get a better understanding of the increasingly bad situation for Jews in the small southern Swedish community. SWC representatives Shimon Samuels and Rabbi Avraham Cooper are to meet with Malmö’s mayor Ilmar Reepalu who has had the responsibility of making the situation for the Jews in Malmö better.
In relation to the visit, one of the Jewish host families of the Wiesenthal Center representatives recently received a death threat. The threat is concrete and specifically aimed at the Kupfer family’s daughter as reported in the Swedish daily Expressen. According to the article in Expressen the threat has been confirmed by the police and extra surveillance has been put in force in order to protect the family.
In an interview with Expressen Noe Kupfer states that the death threat received in a letter began with “Welcome to the final holocaust”… and kept getting increasingly more detailed.
Noe Kupfter continues: “Of course we will increase our vigilance and change a part of our daily routines but we try to live as normal. Hopefully this is only one single crazy person”.
It is embarrassingly evident that any effort made by Ilmar Reepalu during the last year has failed to improve the situation for the Malmö Jews. This recent death threat related to the visit from the SWC representative is another obvious sign that Reepalu has been ineffective.
Sweden, Israel and the Jews will continue to report on the Simon Wiesenthal visit as only one Swedish newspaper at the point of writing, and no blogger, have reported on the story as of this posting.

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  1. why Swedish people don't protect their jews ?
    because of Martin Luther ???