Thursday, July 21, 2011

Car Torched in Exclusive Malmö Neighborhood

During the last year we have reported that almost every night, the notorious Malmö neighborhood of Rosengård faces arson and riots. Now it appears that this trend has spread way beyond the borders of Rosengård.

Photo credit: Sydsvenskan

During the night between Wednesday and Thursday (June 20-21st) a car was set on fire on Limhamns vägen (Limhamns road). The fire, which was identified as arson, occurred minutes away from the video store that was subjected to a bomb attack earlier this week.
The incidence of terror has now spread far beyond the borders of Rosengård, which actually is located on the far opposite side of the city. Limhamns vägen is, moreover, the street in Malmö, which hosts some of the cities most expensive villas, such as the one owned by famous football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
The recent arson attack further emphasizes our assessment made earlier this week;
“Lawlessness and crime are still running high, apparently in all parts of the city, and it is becoming increasingly evident that hate crimes against Jews are just one part of Malmö’s problems.”

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