Thursday, August 4, 2011

Swedish Media Ignores Social Protests in Israel

Tens of thousands demonstrate  in central Tel-Aviv against housing shortages and high rents

Yesterday I wrote to Sydsvenskan and asked why this relatively large newspaper that covers all of southern Sweden, has not managed to even write one line concerning the daily demonstrations, some three weeks after the social unrest started in Israel,
The answer from the foreign news desk came quickly and read: We here at Sydsvenskan make an assessment every day and decide what to write in the newspaper. While I do find the issue interesting, we have not managed to get funds to cover the demonstrations.
What load of bullsh-t. It is clear that the editors at Sydsvenskan do not find the social unrest in Israel sexy enough to write up and article about. By “sexy”, I mean “shows Israelis oppressing Palestinians or flotilla activists”. It appears that Israel only should be mentioned when law-breaking Swedes are trying to illegally enter the Gaza Strip or in a situation where Israel can be portrayed in a distorted way.
So far, the left wing tabloid Aftonbladet is the only Swedish media outlet that has reported on the ongoing large-scale demonstrations, which occur daily in Israel. That Aftonbladet decided to spin the story in an anti-Israel way should not be a surprise to anyone that has read this blog before.
It is appallingly obvious that Swedes care little about real news items in Israel and purposely choose to turn a blind eye on any story which does not contain violence and hatred between Israelis and Palestinians. 
Biased media reporting in the making...

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