Monday, August 22, 2011

Who is the Real Aggressor?

One hundred Grad missiles, mortar shells and Kassam rockets were fired towards Israeli major cities and populated areas on August 20th. One person was killed, and ten civilians were injured, including two children and a baby.
The latest round of terror attacks perpetrated by Palestinians against Israelis started with combined terror attacks on civilian busses and family cars near the city of Eilat on August 18th. These coordinated terror operations killed eight Israelis, including all occupants of a family car which was struck by an anti-tank missile.
Residents of Israel's southern cities--Beer Sheva, Ofakim and the coastal towns of Ashkelon and Ashdod are on constant alert and are prepared to take cover in bomb shelters and enforced structures.
Yesterday Israel opened its borders with Gaza to allow passage for wounded Palestianian civilians into Israel. Famous American actor John Voight visited hospitals in Israel today and was surprised to see Palestinians being treated alongside Israelis in the emergency ward.
However, despite today's declared truce, two Kassam rockets have hit near Ashkelon in the last few hours fired from the Gaza strip. Firefighters are working to put out a fire caused by the strike as residents remain indoors due to the smoke.

What is happening in Israel is not being reported in the Swedish media but don't let anybody fool you, this is the real situation.


  1. Väldigt bra blogg!!!

    Founder & Marketing Director

  2. Leave, no one will fire anything at you. Your occupation is the cause of all trouble.
    Occupation = violence
    Don't go thought the pain of reporting and reporting and reporting and reporting every attack, just memorize the following:
    Occupation = violence

  3. The real aggressor is the lack of debate inside Israel concerning sionism.
    Lest a debate on the incongruency between sionism and democracy is held and an analysis is come to an end, the conflict will end in a disaster.

    This is what I think. And I know, that mnay people in Israel has exactly the SAME OPINION.

  4. Anonymous,

    Leave from where? Ashkelon is occupied? Eilat is occupied? Are you saying that Jews should leave the Middle East altogether? Or do you really believe that all the violence starts with the "occupation".

    This seems, sadly, to be the religion of Swedish people, that all the problems in the Middle East would go away if only Israel did x or y, or stopped doing z. It has no basis in reality, but is believed by almost everyone in my country.

    //A disillusioned Swede

  5. Kaj,

    Funny how you can look at a situation where anti-tank missiles ar fired at civilian cars and mortars and rockets are aimed at civilian areas, with the obvious intent to kill or hurt civilians, and say "the real agressor is the lack of debate inside Israel...". If many people in Israel has exactly that opinion, then many people in Israel are almost as crazy as we are here in Sweden :)

  6. Here is the truth of the issue. If you want to know who the real aggressors are remember this - If the Palestinians had no guns, there would be no war. If Isreal had no guns, there would be no Israel.