Thursday, December 29, 2011

SVT’s Deliberate Provocation

Just as biased as NRK?
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The recent airing of the Norwegian propaganda film “Gaza’s Tears” seems to have been a deliberate attempt to prop up anti-Israel sentiment and an intentional slap to Israel.
In March of this year NRK, Norway’s major public television broadcaster, aired the film. In response, NRK was roundly criticized by Israel’s ambassador to Norway both for putting up anti-Israel propaganda, and also having the chutzpah to call the film a documentary.  The Norway Israel and the Jews blog covered the airing of “Gaza’s Tears” with an analysis of ongoing anti-Israel media bias, and included Ambassador Michael Eligal’s protest letter which we also reproduce below.
Given the open criticism of the film by Israel, Sweden’s SVT cannot be innocent of the charge of deliberate bias and provocation as well.
By Chanah Shapira

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  1. SVT is a disgrace. They made the excuse that Tears of Gaza is "anti-war" in general, and therefore it doesn't have to show both sides of the conflict. No balance needed, because it focuses on the suffering of civilians in armed conflict and blah blah blah

    I have to wonder: if somebody made a documentary on victims of crimes comitted by people who happen to be Romani, with the crime victims talking about how God must punish the "inhuman" Romanis and so on, would SVT air that too without providing comment or balance, with the excuse that the documentary is about the evils of crime in general, not just about crime committed by Romani perpetrators?

    I'm not suggesting that anyone make such a "documentary", it would be a horrible thing to do, and I'm certainly not saying that Romani people commit more crimes than others. I'm trying to make a point about prejudice, balance and media bias.

    And I'm also not saying that Israel committed a crime when it fought back against Hamas and the other happy little terrorist groups who like to fire rockets and mortars on civilians. My little analogy is just that, an analogy, and no analogy is perfect.