Sunday, December 18, 2011

Swedish Academic Links Israel to Norway Terror Acts

Tunander: Conspiracies R Us
A Swedish researcher at the Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO) has suggested that July’s terror bombing in Oslo and shooting massacre at a Norwegian summer camp were the result of state-sponsored terror and points the finger at Israel. Citing coincidences of dates and the strained relationship between Norway and Israel, the so-called academic Ola Tunander sets forth what amounts to a paranoid conspiracy theory, in which the deranged shooter, Anders Breivik, was aided by Israel in his plans.

Articles which appeared in both the Local and Ynet cite Tunander’s claims that Israel “celebrates” the July 22nd bombing of the British occupation forces in 1946 at the King David Hotel by the Irgun. This is a ridiculous and baseless claim—anyone here on July 22nd would wait pointlessly for a parade or fireworks. Using this coincidental date to link Breivik to Israel is Tunander’s first idiocy, and claiming that he needed the support of a foreign government to carry out his actions is his second. Even the head of PRIO questioned the wisdom of publishing the article, which appeared in Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift, a quarterly “scientific” journal of science, politics and culture. (To learn more about the lax standards of Norwegian academia and Norwegian anti-Semitism, have a look at the Norway Israel and the Jews blog, and Behind the Mask.)

Tunander’s assertions fit into a general pattern. Despite Breivik’s diagnosis, the Norwegian left found his right-wing political ramblings useful fodder for Israel-bashing and demonzation. Obviously this derives from the false genocidal accusations popular among anti-Israel activists, and ultimately from blood libel claims in which Jews are responsible for murdering children.

The icing on this stale and rancid cake is that having thrown out these insinuations, Tunander then denied that his article made any such claims, while any reader can see them quite plainly. His spineless defense is well in line with oft-practiced Swedish hypocrisy.

By Chanah Shapira



  2. Shalom,

    why does none of this surprise me?
    A typical moment of pure Swedishness at its best. Everything that they consider evil must have some sort of connection to Israel, while everything they consider good, of course at some point has to have swedish involvement. And if its just the cleaning guy who is using an Electrolux dustbuster.

    Despite their claims that Sweden would be "open" towards all countries, religions, beliefs and ethnic groups, you have to belong to a pre-selected basket of the previously mentioned to be accepted. They wont ever tell that in your face because Swedes are the biggest double-morale and two-faced group of human beings I have ever encountered.

    Israel and jewish people are not in that basket quite obviously. As I have stated before my wife is from Sweden and the first thing my "mother in law" asked when my wife mentioned that my grandmothers name is Frieda was "is she jewish?". Make no mistake, while the public statement of this will always be "she was just curious", everyone with more than two braincells knows that this was some sort of sick "ethnic checkup". And indeed it was as these questions continued to occur.

    Her former best friend just about 2 weeks ago on Facebook promoted some weird appeal to the Red Hot Chili Peppers named "Defy Injustice, Cancel Israel".
    And the deeper meaning of that for sure is not just about a concert. On the Page youll also find plenty of material accusing Israel of running an "apartheid" regieme and other nonsense like that.

    Another thing worth keeping track on is military/NATO training operations that Sweden loves to dodge, skip and evade all the time as soon as the Israel Air Force is part of the game.

    And also, they know that the IAF would blow their oh so beloved Gripens out the sky like there is no tomorrow. Not a good thing when you want to sell that in reality totally mediocre aircraft to other nations.

    Kol Tuv,

  3. Midtskogen refers us to this link: in which Spanish anti-Israel elements also supported this conspiracy theory. Have a look!

  4. Too #$%^&* stupid to even comment on...Completely disappointed with Sweden.