Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Malmö Police Station Bombed

Bombed Malmö Police Station
 Lawless Elements Target Malmö Authorities

A bomb reportedly placed by two men in dark clothing exploded in the early hours of the morning leaving a hole in the Malmö police station building and extensive damage inside. No info yet on who is responsible, but this may be a response to Justice Minister Beatrice Ask's recent statement that extra police forces will be sent to Malmö to prevent it from further spiraling out of control. The Local has the full story.

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  1. Malmö is a shining example of what the ignorant and naive behavior of its people will ultimately lead to. But it by far is not the only one anymore.

    In the boring village named Fränsta, where the geographical center of Sweden is out for Tourists, and its "sister" the bigger town named Sundsvall, elkpoo is hitting the fan in breathtaking speed. Busses are being attacked with frozen, rock hard fruit, bottles etc., crime rates there too shoot through the roof and just recently a member of the Miliöpartiet (what most people know as the greens) has decided to take police protection after being assaulted with stones that injured him heavily.
    Afterwards, they unscrewed his tires etc. to intentionally hurt or kill him. End of story is, he goes into police protection, moves away from Ange where he used to live and dropped his political career for good.

    You ask yourself why? Well...because he spoke out against hunting Wolves.
    Thats all it seems to take, in Socialist Sweden, to get the hillbillies on fire ;)

    You can read the story here: