Sunday, February 5, 2012

Malmö's New Free Press Society

And it's about time!

Here's an excerpt from a report of the first meeting, which included the beleaguered and occasionally attacked Lars Wilks:

-"...That same evening yet another murder and yet another bombing of a police station were added to the seemingly endless cycle of gangland violence in the Southern Swedish city. The number of unsolved murders in Malmö since last summer now stands at eight and the city has acquired a reputation as the Murder Capital of Northern Europe.
"But despite escalating violence and biting cold, 120 people turned up for the meeting, which was held under the watchful eye of about 20 uniformed and armed police in addition to a number of fierce-looking plainclothes agents that were there to protect the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has been the target of several assassination attempts.
"The Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist – the principal organiser of the event – had ample reason to be satisfied as she bid welcome to the audience and speakers:
'This is a historic meeting. [...] We are here to break some taboos and let’s begin with the biggest one of all – Sweden’s immigration policies.'"
Here's to the Free Press Society and free speech! As the government announced only last week that 1900 more immigrants (excluding "refugees") will enter Sweden this year, let's hope FPS succeeds in opening a meaningful dialogue regarding the role of immigrants in Sweden.

H/T Tundra Tabloids

By Chanah Shapira

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