Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Swedish Reporting Bias: Gaza

If you line up two of today's reports on the recent bang-boom in Southern Israel and Gaza, you get—surprise!—a tidy example of how Aftonbladet (of the Swedish government-subsidized media) slants the news for gullible Swedes. For comparison, I have used the left-leaning Israeli daily, the Haaretz.

 IDF knocks out missiles heading for Israeli civilians (Reuters)

Aftonbladet headline:
Truce in Gaza [Wasn’t that between Gaza and Israel?]  
At least 25 people have died in weekend attacks

Haaretz headline:  

Some 200 rockets hit Israel since start of latest Gaza escalation [Events on the other side of the border explain why a truce has to be two-sided]

Aftonbladet: Last Friday’s rocket fire from Gaza against Israel launched the latest clash. [Actually, Israel took out Islamic Jihad leadership due to good intel that another major cross border terror attack was imminent.]

The Israelis then responded with violent air raids [note that firing hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians is not termed “violent”], which include Zuheir al-Quessi, leader of the Palestinian People's Resistance Committees (PRC), who was killed when his car was blown to pieces. [Graphic, but see major terror threat, above.]

The [IDF] chief of staff [Benny Gantz]said there is still a danger that a terror cell can carry out a "strategic" attack against Israel, adding that, "all of Israel is under a potential threat."
Aftonbladet: Five civilians killed All in all, at least 25 people have died in the four days of clashes, five civilians.
Haaretz:  26 Palestinians were killed as a result of IAF strikes on Gaza. Out of these 22 were militants and 4 were civilians who were in the area of IAF strikes, but were not involved in the rocket fire.
Analysis: Wow! In this operation the terrorist-to-civilian kill ratio for the Israeli Defense Forces is 85%. (For an interesting look at these stats for the U.S. military have a look here.) But the Gaza rockets purposely target Israeli civilians. That wasn’t in the Aftonbladet article. Neither was the fact that the IDF and the Israeli government provide defensive measures for civilians. These include the Iron Dome anti-missile system, and bomb shelters.  On the other hand, as Gantz pointed out , Gaza’s “civilian deaths were the result of Gaza militants operating in civilian areas.”

When Swedish media organs give only half a story, that’s not news, that’s propaganda.

By Chanah Shapira

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