Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hannah Rosenthal Soon Winging Her Way to Reepalu

Agenda first, Jews last? photo: Wiki
Under the title "U.S. Sends Anti-Israel Advisor to Anti-Semitic Sweden", Soeren Kern of the Gateway Institute writes that the controversial Rosenfeld will be meeting soon with Malmö's Social Democrat mayor, Ilmar Reepalu. 
Rosenthal, who comes to her White House anti-Semitism advisor post via the George Soros-funded JStreet pressure group, has been criticized for anti-Israel stances including links to BDS groups. Rosenthal also failed to take a firm stance against Lithuania for its revisionist spinning of its WWII Nazi collaborators as equally abused victims. Apropos to our topic, Rosenthal has spoken out against purported "Islamophobia" while  ignoring the Muslim role in the rising tide of anti-Semitic hate crime in Europe. Kern writes:

--"Rosenthal now wants to travel to Sweden to find out what Reepalu is doing to combat intolerance in Malmö. Since both share similar perspectives on the root cause of anti-Jewish hate crime in Europe, namely Jewish support for Israel, Rosenthal and Reepalu can be expected to downplay the severity of anti-Semitism in Sweden and focus their attention on Islamophobia instead."

Looks like Rosenthal's meeting with Reepalu will only serve as a handy campaign photo-op for Obama as he looks to solidify the liberal Jewish vote, while doing nothing to aid Malmö's Jewish community. This is a real shame since Reepalu's Social Democrat party merely has shrugged off Reepalu's latest anti-Semitic volley of accusations instead of demanding that he step down.  In the meantime, Kern reports that 30 Jewish families have left Malmö due to increasing hate crime.

By Chanah Shapira 

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