Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Muslin Immigrants Spike Anti-Semitic Poll Results

The Kurdish-Swedish Super-Economy blog has an interesting post as a follow-up to Pauling Neuding's recent round of articles on anti-Semitism. Neuding was tarred with a racist label for pointing out the Muslim identity of perpetrators of anti-Semitic hate crime. Super-Economy looks at stats on rates of anti-Semitism in Sweden with figures for immigrants and sees that one and one, do indeed make two. Here's the post:

The "Mystery" of rising Antisemitism in Malmö

Anti-Semitism has risen in Malmö, including attacks on the tiny Jewish community, and reports that some are leaving the city.

Jewish-Swedish Paulina Neuding writes about this in the Jerusalem Post, attributing the phenomenon to the rise of the Muslim population share. The Swedish left is outraged, and is denouncing Neuding as a racist. But whats racist about it?

In 2005 the Social Democratic government conducted a comprehensive survey of Antisemitism in Sweden. They use an index to measure Antisemitism, asking questions such as “Jews have too much influence in the world today”. They found that the prevalence of Antisemitic views was indeed far higher among Muslims:

“antisemitiska uppfattningar och ambivalenta attityder till judar är jämförelsevis mer utbredda bland muslimer än bland kristna och icke- religiösa. Bland vuxna hyser 39 procent av dem som betecknar sig som muslimer en systematisk antisemitisk inställning jämfört med 5 procent totalt [3 procent bland etniska svenskar].”

["Anti-Semitic views and ambivalent attitudes toward Jews are relatively more prevalent among Muslims than among Christians and non-religious. Among adults harboring 39 percent of those who describe themselves as Muslims, a systematic anti-Semitic attitude, compared with 5 percent in total [3 percent among ethnic Swedes]. " note: translation via Google, Chanah]

For example, 7 percent of Swedish adults agree with the conspiracy theory that Jews were behind 9/11, compared 36 percent of Swedish Muslims. Only about 17 percent of Muslims immigrants in Sweden scored "low" on the Antisemitism index, whereas two thirds of native Swedes scored low. This is the same conclusion in all surveys of European Antisemitism I have seen: it is substantially higher among Muslim immigrants. An example is this study co-authored by a Yale university scholar. On average, Muslims are 8 times more likely to have Antisemitic views.

Full story here.


  1. from Chanah-
    One reader asked regarding sources for this info. Those who are interested please see the now-defunct Yale center for investigating anti-Semitism's report here: http://www.h-net.org/~antis/papers/jcr_antisemitism.pdf

    The unflattering picture of Islamic anti-Semitism led to pressure from oil money donors to close the center...

  2. anti semitism= against the Semitic race...
    how unfortunate it is that the arabs and muslim all belong to that category of "semitic"...

  3. Adrenaline Junkie,

    The word "antisemitism" was invented by jew haters to give their jew hatred a more "scientific" appearance. "Antisemtisim" has always meant hatred or contempt against Jews specifically. If you think "antisemitism" is a misnomer, take your complaints to the 19th century German jew haters who invented the term.