Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Brotherhood Movement in Sweden Hates Israel

Having recently finished the arduous task of going through everything the Swedish Association of Christian Social Democrats (more commonly known as the Brotherhood movement, or Broderskapsrörelsen) has written about Israel during the last six years, I am left with a simple conclusion: the Brotherhood movement must truly hate the only democracy in the Middle East.

Let us look at an example. During Operation Cast Lead, which was the IDF’s attempt to put a stop to the constant rocket attacks coming from Gaza, the Brotherhood movement published an editorial in their periodical Tidningen Broderskap decrying the “excessive violence” employed by the Israeli forces. The editorial also claims that the true purpose of the war was to show the Palestinians that firing rockets at Israel would cost them dearly – something this author would interpret as attempting to kill as many Palestinians as possible in order to discourage from further rocket attacks, rather than the stated goal of destroying or limiting the capacity of the Hamas for launching rockets into Israel. Worse, the attempts by a former member of the Swedish Israel Information Center to defend the Israeli actions are dismissed with a quote from the late Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme (Social Democrat): “Thus speak the creatures of evil.”

Tidningen Broderskap is, for all intents and purposes, the voice of the Christian Social Democrats of Sweden, and an editorial is meant to express the newspaper’s official opinion. If the official opinion of the Brotherhood Movement’s voice is that those seeking to defend Israel are “creatures of evil”, then what does this say about the movement itself?

This is but one example of many. In another editorial, the author claims that Europe is “losing its soul” due to its “Israel-hugging” (referring, among other things, to the trade agreement between Israel and the EU). A news article decries the demolition of Palestinian houses, claiming that it is being done so that Israel can claim the land for itself.

These examples reflect the stance of the Swedish Christian Left. They reflect the opinions of a movement which speaks for thousands of Swedish Christians – an organization which is highly influential within the greater Social Democratic movement of Sweden. If that organization would dismiss those seeking to defend the only democracy in the entire Middle East as creatures of evil, then we may have cause to look forward in fear to the day when a Social Democratic government once more rules Sweden.

The text was written by Adam Eberhag


  1. "Israel only democracy in middle east."

    Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt all hold elections and can therefore be classified as democracies. Two of these are close US allies.

  2. Fuck all progressives and socialist democrats they are eugenics loving killers. Especially the puppetmaster George Soros. Nothing they touch ever lives and thrives it always dies. All of the leaders are evil and the ones not evil are ignorant followers that cannot think beyond 24 hours.

  3. Israel continues to take land that doesn't belong to it.

    So long as this continues, those who are disenfranchised have every right to fight back.

    So long as this continues - Israel is the aggressor and shall not have any of the worlds sympathies.

    The Israelis need to stop hiding under the moral cover of the holocaust. Israel has a right to defend itself from attacks by it's neighbors - so long as it is not stealing land from them.

    The inability for you to see this glaring objective fact is sickening, and is the reason the world does not trust Israelis - they are just as biased as Arabs, but they don't even realize it.

  4. A prominent member of the Brotherhood Movement, Anna Ardin, was the accuser behind the rape accusations against the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. There is considerable evidence that she was out for revenge, since she posted a "revenge handbook" on her blog. There is also some eveidence that she's an undercover operative. It's common for intelligence servies to "use" humanitarian groups or researchers, like Anna Ardin, to gain access to difficult places. Ardin is now in Palestine.