Sunday, July 18, 2010

Violence against Ambulance Personnel; Now Common in Rosengård

In the night of Saturday, July 17th an ambulance was called to the often-turbulent neighborhood  in Malmö called Rosengård. This is the area in Malmö where nightly arson attacks are common and where Swedish authorities such as firefighters no longer operate without police backup. Ambulance personnel have previously been attacked by stone throwers in the neighborhood. Therefore, it didn’t come as a surprise to find out that last night as well ambulance personnel called to the scene had to flee the scene and call for police backup.

The ambulance was called to the scene as reportedly there was a young woman with breathing difficulties. However, once the ambulance paramedics left the ambulance to treat their patient the people surrounding the young woman became so hostile towards the paramedics that they felt the need to evacuate and call for police backup.

As the Swedish daily newspaper Sydsvenskan reports, people in the crowd also encouraged the ambulance nurses to leave the scene. Sydsvenskan reports that a young man was the main instigator and became violent when the ambulance personnel tried to examine the young woman.

When the police arrived the man became even more aggressive and consequently attacked the police. Also a 40-year-old woman attacked the policemen present and the two were arrested, under suspicion of violence against an officer.

Once the aggressor was placed in the police car, the young woman patient tried to open the car and help the man flee the scene—this of course led to the women (who initially was a patient) also being arrested. She is suspected of violent resistance and attempting to aid the escape of a suspect.

Cindy Schönström-Larsson who is a spokesperson at the Skåne Police was quick to emphasize that it was not a group of youngsters which attacked the ambulance personnel.
This raises uncomfortable suspicions. As we learned from last night’s experience, it is very likely now that not only young “unhappy” teenagers perpetrate violent attacks against the Swedish authorities—but also the ordinary adult citizens of the neighborhood.

It seems apparent that a new trend is in the making, a trend which seems to have sprung from the fact that the Swedish authorities still have not been able to counter the increasingly hostile and environment in Rosengård.
Again and again, it seems that the authorities are unable or unwilling to deal with the problem of immigrant violence in Rosengård, even when directed against city personnel.  We can only ask what can the beleaguered Jewish community expect when the “citizens’ protectors” fail miserably to protect themselves?

For those of you who speaks Swedish, a movie clip of the incident is available here:

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