Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Juvenile Rock-Throwers: No Longer Just in Israel—Now a Malmö Phenomenon!

Two days ago in Malmö, an ambulance pulled up outside one of the schools in the notoriously angry neighborhood of Rosengård in Malmö. While trying to aid a student, the ambulance was attacked by stone-throwing kids.
The school had, as reported by local newspaper Sydsvenskan called the ambulance to get emergency aid for a student who attends the school. Once the ambulance stopped outside the school, kids, who vary in age from 12-15, started throwing rocks at the ambulance.
Rosengård is known as an area where lawlessness prevails and where both police and firefighters struggle to uphold law and order. Currently, according to Magnus Ranstorp, Research Director of the Centre for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish National Defense College, it is also a place where an Islamic radicalization process is taking place. Ranstorp argues that the current situation in Rosengård is a perfect breeding ground for Islamic radicals to spread their ideas. This has been highly criticized by the vast majority of the intellectual and media elite in Sweden.
Now it appears that Ranstorp’s predictions might not be so wrong. Malmö has increasingly started to look like the Palestinian territories, east Jerusalem, and other places where Palestinian kids throw rocks at Israeli civilians and at soldiers who are present to maintain order. Such lawless attacks against civilians and the authorities will, if they are not contained by the Swedish government, eventually grow to become a real threat to all of Swedish society. The threat is already imminent, as can been seen by the emigration of Jewish families from the city. Still, the Swedish authorities seem to be clueless as to how to handle the problem.
While throwing rocks at the police might be falsely justified by anti-establishment types, throwing rocks at an ambulance is another deal entirely. It seems as if Malmö is increasingly beginning to resemble the Palestinian territories, with every passing day. Possibly this is due to the fact that the Swedish migration board has decided to give refuge to even more Palestinians.

While many out there probably think that this has something to do with the alleged “blockade” that Israel has imposed on the Gaza Strip, this is not the case. The Swedish migration board has decided to give refuge to more Palestinians as they consider Hamas dangerous to the Palestinian population in Gaza. In their report (in Swedish) one can read the following:
“There are several reports on the prevalence of detentions and different forms of inhuman treatment or torture of  political prisoners by the Hamas armed forces. It is also clear that there have been occurrences of numerous executions, first and foremost of people belonging to Fatah and/or people suspected to be collaborators with Israel [these executions were perpetrated] in connection with the Hamas power overthrow in the Gaza Strip and also later in connection with Operation Cast Lead [the Israeli operation which aimed at stopping the rocket attacks launched from Gaza]”.
Yes, while being the number one of provider of aid to the Palestinian territories, the Swedes have proven themselves loyal to the Palestinian cause—and capable of the double game of supporting Hamas and rescuing those persecuted by the regime. Observers of recent events, including this ambulance stoning, may wonder if soon, it would be appropriate to rename Malmö and call it Ramallmö—since now not only kids in Ramallah stone ambulances. In Rosengård, as long as he does nothing about the situation, Mayor Reepalu is developing his own Social Democratic Hamastan.

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