Monday, May 31, 2010

Dror Feiler’s Son Tigran Lies on Swedish Television about Ship to Gaza.

In a Swedish TV report Dror Feiler’s son, Tigran Feiler was interviewed concerning the boarding of the eight ships  loaded with international political activists. The flotilla aimed at breaking international law by sailing into the Gaza Strip. On board one of the boats is Dror Feiler; he seeks to promote international recognition of Hamas which is classified by EU as a terrorist organization. In the interview Tigran Feiler shows that his “truth” is just as twisted as his father’s. (movie below)

The interview is called “Of course I am worried” and features Tigran Feiler purporting to give a truthful account of what happened when Israel was forced to board the vessels aiming at sailing into to Gaza. Gaza is under sea blockade by Israel as the Hamas government fires rockets attacking Israeli civilian targets and encourages suicide missions against Israelis; its genocidal constitution specifically states that Hamas’ goal is to demolish Israel and murder all its citizens.  One of the missions of the Israeli navy is stopping weapons cargos  which have been shipped to Gaza by boat.

Tigran Feiler had gathered outside Israel’s embassy in Stockholm with some 40 people to protest against Israel’s right to protect its citizens from possible weapons shipments in unsearched cargo entering the Gaza; Israel’s right to inspection was agreed to by treaty with the Palestinians.

According to a narrator in the movie, more than 19 people have been reported dead.
Tigran then starts to tell the viewers that he, of course, is worried about his dad who was on one of the ships—this although it was already reported that no Swedish citizen was either wounded or killed. His fear is based on a movie (posted by Israel) which shows one Israeli soldier heavily abused by the “peace activists” before he even sets foot on the deck of the boat.
In this situation, according to Feiler “anything can happen”. He continues arguing that “apparently they [Israel] have open fired pretty much recklessly and we are speaking about 20 deaths”. 

The interviewer then asks Tigran if he had heard anything from his father on whether or not the crew on the boats had weapons. Tigran answers:
“uh no we did not have time to talk about that [conveniently enough] but it is possible. If there is a boat with some 500 passengers there could be someone who loses control when soldiers board the boat at 4-5 in the morning.”
At the same time he argues “it really seems like something made up afterwards where one is trying to justify something that can’t be justified—the discussion should really not be about whether or not people on the boat were armed—the discussion should be about what the Israeli soldiers are doing on the boat [he clearly doesn’t want to understand that they are protecting their sovereignty from armed political activists] which was positioned in international waters [whether or not the boat was actually in international water is not confirmed] where Israel doesn’t have the right to border it.

It is clear that the “humanitarian shipment” which Dror and his son Tigran Feiler represent did not sail mainly for humanitarian reasons. The fact that Tigran Feiler admits that there were armed activists on the boat further confirms this. That he doesn’t know international law and what Israel is allowed to do or not is another thing. The “Ship to Gaza” movement is mainly a political organization which hides behind a humanitarian mask and is prepared to use violence to reach their goals.

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