Monday, May 31, 2010

Swedish Government Supports Attack on Israeli Navy By Peace Activists

During the early morning Israeli naval forces boarded the boats that were out to break international law and provide various goods to the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas, a regime the EU terms a terrorist organization. On board one of the vessels were some 100 political activists (including politicians), of whom 10 are Swedish. Israel had warned the vessels to turn back prior to the boarding—this  was met with negative responses as can be seen in this video.  
When the boats refused to turn around, Israel decided to commandeer the boats—and on one ship Israeli navy personnel were met with violent attacks. This  can be seen clearly in this video (note the assault by the metal pipe on the Israel soldier). The brutal assaults by the armed provocateurs/activists on the Israeli soldiers are reported to have led to approximately 10 dead and a number of injured. It is also reported that activists seized weapons from boarding soldiers and opened fire on the Israelis. 

In Sweden, reports on the Israeli response to the international flotilla’s attempt to breach the Gaza boycott called it a brutal “attacks on peace activists”. On Swedish national radio “Morgonpasset” from P3, the radio panel discussed the Israeli “attack” on the activists. An commentator was invited to the show to tell the listeners what was taking place outside the Israeli coastal line. When asked how many Swedes there were on the boat- he did not know the answer. When asked if Israel had “just gone inside and killed the unarmed activists” his answer was “yes, basically yes”. It is clear that the commentator chosen by Swedish national radio is both incompetent as well as ignorant. . The general notion in Sweden is that Israel has stopped humanitarians on its way to feed hungry women and children.  At the end of the show one of the hosts ended the program by saying
-“ I get so darn tired of f-ing Israel, as soon as someone disagrees with them, they go and shoot them down”.
This biased and false reporting has continued in Sweden during the day and is taking place as I am writing this.

In one of Sweden’s largest newspapers the notoriously anti-Israeli, social democratic Aftonbladet the headlines read: “The Raid became a Blood Bath”.

Many Swedish sources argue that Israel boarded the ships while in international water- this is not confirmed by any source.

The wife of the famous Swedish author Henning Mankell who is on one of the boats speaks out in Swedish newspapers and states that Israel’s actions are despicable. 

At 11am this morning a group of some 20 demonstrators gathered outside Israel’s embassy in Stockholm to demonstrate against Israel.

One hour before the Swedish opposition parties (The Social Democrats, The Left and the Environment Party) condemned Israel’s actions. The statement read as follows:

– We condemn the Israeli military’s lethal shootings [no mention of the activists’ theft of an Israeli gun used to fire at the Israelis- nor that many activists on one of the vessels were armed with knifes and metal pipes]
and the overuse of aggression [without even know how much force was necessary for the action]
against the humanitarian activists [neglecting to mention politicians] who have tried to bring aid to Gaza by boat. The action taken is very serious and if it occurred in international waters [although this is not confirmed]
this is completely against international law. [although this violates a signed agreement between Israel and the Palestinians].

The Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt has also made a statement that (despite not having full information at this early stage) he would like to see an international investigation of the case.

Sweden has not once reported or mentioned that–as reported in the Tundra Tabloids blog— “peace activists” aboard the boats include the likes of Ulf Carmesund,  international secretary for the Social Democrats' Brotherhood movement (Broderskapsrörelsen). This Christian body is the only organization in Sweden overtly working with the Muslim Brotherhood—which publicly supports suicide bombers. Another Swede present is a member of parliament for the Green Party, Mehmet Kaplan, who invited the Muslim Brotherhood into Swedish parliament.  Lastly we have the Israeli Dror Feiler, who openly calls for Israel to recognize Hamas. These guys are hardly innocent humanitarian activists.

Sweden Israel and the Jews
will continue to follow updates concerning the planned terror attack on the Israeli navy and uncovering the untruths and reporting information censored by the Swedish media.

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