Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bilda Helps Educate More Israel Haters

“Bilda”, also known as the Swedish Christian Study Center, Jerusalem is holding a seminar from June 4-6th in a small centrally-located Swedish village, The seminar’s objective, Bilda states is to teach the public how “everyone can take responsibility to create a dignified life for both Palestinians and Israelis”. Despite this fair-sounding statement, don’t be mislead by a blatantly false pretext; all of the speakers in the seminar are Palestinian advocates and Israel haters.

 In the advertisment for their seminar, Bilda writes
“All of those who want to engage themselves in the situation in Palestine and Israel are welcome to the Sjövik seminar. There will be lectures, group discussions, book tables, workshops, exhibitions and movies.
This is a chance for meetings between those who recently became interested in the conflict in the Middle East and those who for long have been engaged in the “Palestine groups” (Palestinagrupperna), Jews for Israeli and Palestinian Peace (Judar för Israelisk och Palestinsk Fred), Christian Peace (Kristna freds) Broderskapsrörelsen (Brotherhood movement) and the Study Association Bilda (Studie Förbundet Bilda).”

All of the above-mentioned socialist and Christian Social Democrat groups are pro-Palestinian advocates who tout the cause of Palestinian “victimhood”, and disregarding or discounting the terror threat to Israelis. If anyone who had recently became interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “had an opportunity to meet” with only these organizations for information it is clear that this person could get nothing but a distorted image of the conflict. A clearly biased attitude cannot help “everyone to take responsibility in order to create a dignified life for both Palestinians and Israelis” as Bilda claims. Rather, the goal of such “information” is to provide Sweden with many more Israel haters.

Let’s have a look at the “points” that will be discussed the seminar in order to make life dignified for both Israelis and Palestinians (as listed on the Bilda homepage):

-    The blockade of Gaza – children and grownups [Palestinians] are still suffering
-    Occupation of Palestinian land is expanding
-    East Jerusalem is turning Israeli
-    Amongst Palestinians and in the Israeli peace movements more are requesting boycotts and sanctions [against Israel].
-    How can Israel get acceptance as EU’s trade partner even though it clearly breaches human rights laws.

Well, it seems that the seminar will only be covering issues that deal with the problems of the Palestinians! Not one point concerns the Israeli problem of unending Hamas and Hezbollah rocket attacks hitting both the north and south, killing and maiming Israeli civilians and causing targeted Israeli populations severe psychological distress. Neither does even one point cover how Israelis will be able to sit down for peace discussions with an organization that supports suicide bombings against Israeli women and children and rejects Israel’s right to exist. 

Isn’t it obvious that Bilda needs to change the stated purpose of the seminar to “Teaching Both Beginners and Old Hands How to More Efficiently Demonize Israel and Throw More Fuel on the Fire of Worsening Relations between Israel and the Palestinians”?

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  1. Dear Sara,

    I am afraid that ‘Bilda’ or ‘The Swedish Christian Study Center’ is no more than a hoax. It is a propaganda organ created and financed by oil countries. The methods used in such ‘Christian seminars’ are much like the ones Göbbels used in the thirties. The German propaganda machine used discussion groups in order to justify an Anschlüss with Austria and later on ‘the rights of the misfortunate Sudenten Germans and the evil way they were handled’. Even the goals are nearly the same. The Germans wanted to gain sympathy in the world for their global war. The Wahabi Muslims of Saudi Arabia and oil emirates are using the Palestinian cause to gain sympathy in Europe and used it for their invisible crawling Jihad. In other words The Christians who take share in such a seminar are used for false propaganda or are nothing more than tomorrow’s Quislings.