Monday, July 26, 2010

When Iran seeks to annihilate Israel with nuclear weapons – Carl Bildt looks the other way

Iran today is arguably the greatest threat to Israel. Its president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad—a known holocaust denier—seeks to arm Iran with nuclear weapons. Ahmadinejad publically stated in 2006 that he wishes to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth.  This declaration has made little impression on Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt, who seems to care little about Iran’s intentions. In fact, he can today be seen as one of the protectors of the Iranian terror state.

In an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Swede Mats Tunehag argues that Iran today “can be seen as by far the most dangerous threat to peace in the Middle East and beyond”. Iran is not only trying to illegally attain nuclear weapons despite the objections and sanctions by the larger international community. It is also using terror by proxy towards Israel through its affiliate terror organizations—Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza.

Iran is also a totalitarian dictatorship and a country in which human rights are routinely abused. On the other hand, Swedish society strongly opposes human rights violations. Sweden, in fact, prides itself as being a worldwide guardian of human rights.

In the Swedish news forum Newsmill the chairman for the “United Unions for a Free Iran” (Förenade föreningar för ett fritt Iran) Mojtaba Ghotbi, writes that Carl Bildt’s unwillingness to impose sanctions against Iran is a betrayal of the country’s democratic movement” .
As foreign minister of Sweden, Carl Bildt indeed does not seek to sanction Iran.

The rest of the Western world has united under the belief that Iran’s nuclear ambitions must be halted before the radical dictatorship attains nuclear weapons. If Iran were to have nuclear weapons at its disposal, the results would be devastating. The implications would be disastrous not only for Israel, but for the rest of the world—which all of a sudden would come to face a nuclear armed stronghold in the Persian Gulf as well as the Mediterranean—where both Iran’s proxies Hezbollah and Hamas, as well as its ally Syria would be in easy striking range of the southern Mediterranean and beyond.

While a united European Union seeks to sanction Iran due Iran’s dangerous nuclear ambitions, Carl Bildt remains to vote no for sanctions towards Iran. The reasons for this are still unknown. What is known is that Carl Bildt has a past which does not go hand in hand with the human rights which he so firmly claims to be promoting.

The video below (in English) gives a good summary of the current nature of Iran as well as Carl Bildt’s suspicious refusals to condemn the terrorist state.

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  1. Most leaders don't care about this nut-job or Iran's love of nuclear weapons.

    Mister "president' of Iran is a very dangerous man.