Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ahlmark Slams Bildt in Critical Biography

Per Ahlmark
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Our previous post covered Swedish government funding for pro-Palestinian propaganda.  Just in case you forgot, the man in charge at the Foreign Ministry is Carl Bildt, whose pro-Palestinian sympathies outweigh his concern for Israeli kids living in Gaza’s rocket gun sights.  But it’s not just us!
Bildt also gave a cold shoulder to Darfurians suffering genocide at the hands of Sudanese Muslims. After all, the Sudanese government was also helping Bildt and his cohorts at Lundin Petroleum earn some nice oil revenues. So says former minister and Liberal party leader Per Ahlmark. Ahlmark’s recent critical biography of Bildt charges that he banned the use of the word “genocide” in the foreign ministry in connection with events in Darfur. Worse, there was total compliance by ministry staff.
The major daily, Svenska Dagbladet, reported that Ahlmark also charges Bildt with downplaying the Srebenica massacre, and alleges that Bildt was slipped into the government only after the Alliance  was voted in, in a move which deceived the electorate.
Regarding Israel, Ahlmark accuses Bildt of being both “horridly cold” to Israel, and ignorant of Israeli society. It seems Bildt persists in seeing Israel as a single-ethnicity state, while in reality Israel is composed of immigrants from over one hundred nations. States Ahlmark:
-"The Foreign Minister's ignorance of this country's history, culture, vitality and democratic rule is obvious and is based on a clearly hostile attitude."
A less harsh version of this story appeared in the Local.

By Chanah Shapira

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